Police Blotter: 17 september 1999

Police Blotter: 17 september 1999



September 2: Dum Oeung, 34, was shot and seriously wounded at 9:30 pm by

his friends while they were riding in a car toward a restaurant in the Chroy Changva

bridge precinct. Police said the victim, who was shot four times in his left temple

and stomach was sent to hospital immediately for an operation. The criminals escaped.


September 2: Leang Chrep, a 12-year-old girl, was found dead at 4:00 pm

in a pond located in Kampong Pur village, Leuk Dek district, Kandal. After inspection,

police said the victim was raped before being killed by an unidentified offender

while she was coming back from watching television at a neighbor's house.

September 3: Heng Heang, 28, a son of the boss of Chhai Hour II hotel,

was found dead in a Toyota Corona car parked on Street 107 in O'Russei 4 precinct.

The victim's father, Kim Heng, said his son had been taken four days ago by kidnappers

who demanded $100,000 ransom. His son was killed after a $63,000 ransom was paid.

September 3: The body of Chhang Chhoam, 37, a farmer, was found floating

in a lake near Thoam Matray pagoda, Dongkor district. The victim's wife told police

that her husband died by dizziness after he got sick. He had left the house to catch

frogs at a nearby rice field.

September 3: Roeun Sreirouth, 16, a cake seller, was killed instantly at

7:15 am when she was hit by an MAS truck while riding her bicycle on National Road

6 in Prey Tahou precinct, Steung Sen district, Kampong Thom. Police said the truck

driver Lai Sy, 35, was arrested after the incident.

September 4: Meas Som Aun, a general's assistant from region 5, 4 and 2,

was beaten to death at 4:45 pm after he robbed a gold seller in Psah Doeumkor precinct,

Toul Kok district. The robbery victims Ven, 43, and his wife had been attacked by

Aun as they were travelling from Olympic market towards their house in Teuk Laak

1 precinct.

September 4: Three kidnappers were arrested by police after they committed

six kidnaps in Phnom Penh in which they received $84,000. Police said the kidnappers

were Sam Vichit, 30, In Sovan, 35, and Choung Noeun,31. Police confiscated two AK-47s

and a K-59 handgun from the offenders.

September 4: Sao Phary, 49, a truck driver for Kampuchea Tela company,

was shot dead at 8:30 pm while he was riding a motorbike through two groups of people

involved in a dispute on Street 21, in the Ta Khmau circle precinct in Kandal. Police

said the victim was shot once in the eye and died instantly. The criminals escaped.

September 5: The body of Kim Hak, was found floating in a canal near Angkor

pagoda in Sre Ambil district, Koh Kong. The local authorities said the victim had

just been appointed as a deputy chief of the district police three days earlier.

He had been beaten on his face and his neck was broken. The motivation for the killing

is not known.

September 6: Kung Samoeun, 39, was chopped and seriously injured by his

younger brother, Kung Lavy, in a quarrel in Chroy Changva bridge precinct. The victim

was chopped two times in his head and died after being sent to Calmette hospital.

Kung Lavy, who was also chopped once on his head, escaped.

September 6: Cheng Hun, 36, a farmer, was robbed of his motorbike at 11:00

am by two unidentified men while he was riding on National Road 7 in Khdol village,

Me Muth district, Kampong Cham. Police said the victim was beaten on his head with

an AK-47 and seriously injured. The robbers escaped safely.

September 6: Oung Yoeun, 59, was shot dead with an AK-47 at 10:00 pm by

an unidentified man while he was walking downstairs from his house in Trapaing Pur

village, Kampong Speu. Police said the victim, who is a sorcerer, was shot three

times in his chest and waist and died immediately. The reason is not known.

September 7: Nhiek Sareat, a nephew-in-law of Prime Minister Hun Sen, died

immediately at midnight in an accident while he was driving a car toward Ta Khmau

town, and ran into Kbal Thnol circle in Chak Angre Leu precinct. Police said that

three others were seriously injured and sent to Calmette hospital after the incident.

September 7: An unidentified 15-year-old boy was killed and his body dropped

on a local road in Ria Tean village, Svay Chrum district, Svay Rieng. After inspection,

police said the victim was beaten on the right side of his neck and his hands had

been tied up. The motivation for the killing is not known.

September 8: An unidentified robbery suspect was shot dead at 3:00 am while

he was looking for a moto-taxi on Street 369 in Prek Pra commune, Mean Chey district.

Police said the robber who is a Vietnamese, had two K-54 handguns, shot at local

authorities who initially ordered him to stop.

September 8: Prum Srapoon, 32, a moto-taxi driver, was sent to Preah Kosamak

hospital immediately after he suddenly lost consciousness at 10:00 pm along Kampuchea

Krom Blvd. A doctor said the victim had been drugged with sleeping pills by two unidentified

offenders who took his motorbike.

September 9: Two robbers, Long Ros and Sok Sombath, were arrested after

they stole a motorbike near the Royal Palace in Phnom Penh. Police said these robbers

are bodyguards of Pailin Governor Y Chhien. Long Ros was beaten and seriously injured

by people and sent to Preah Monivong hospital later.

September 9: Lim Kong, 25, fell from the fourth floor of a relative's house

and died instantly at 1:00 pm in Psah Thmei 2 precinct, Daun Penh district. The reason

is not known. However, police said the victim, who is a former police officer from

the Ministry of Interior, was drunk.

September 10: Yien Yong, 39, was shot dead at midnight by a policeman while

helping to look for a robber who attempted to rob a villager in Khlaing Sbek village,

Punhea Leu district, Kandal. Police said that in the confusion of the chase the victim

mistakenly beat the policeman on the head with a stick, was shot twice and died immediately.

September 10: Four men were arrested by police on suspicion of killing

Choeung Saroeun, 42, a widow, by cutting her throat, ear and eye and assaulting her

with a sharp bamboo stick. The suspects denied responsibility, saying the woman was

killed by the people because she was a sorceress who had caused about 10 villagers

to die. The village chief said that about 80 per cent of the villagers disliked her.

The incident took place at Trapang Sra Nge village, Tram Kok district, Takeo province.

September 11: Neangsovan Chansophoan, 20, was electrocuted and died immediately

while he was turning a TV antenna at a house in Toul Sangke village, Russei Keo distict

district. Police said the victim, who is a garment worker from Kampong Speu, had

already been sent to Toul Sangke pagoda for cremation.

September 11: Four policemen were beaten and seriously injured by sellers

while they were pushing seven carts located in Kaki market in Kean Svay district,

Kandal. Police said that among those, one policeman lost consciousness after the

sellers pressed his testicles while exchanging blows.

September 12: A Phnom Penh anti-drug policeman, Chea Vin, and his accomplice,

Chun Pich, were arrested by military police after they robbed a car on Set 9 in front

of Sokha Beach hotel in Sihanoukville. Four others escaped.

September 12: Three people were seriously injured by a traffic accident

along National Road 5 at Doung village, Punhea Leu district, Kandal province. A witness

said a car hit a trailer, causing three passengers riding on it to drop off, then

the car ran over one of the three causing broken legs.

September 12: Ry Sokhan, 38, a fisherman, drowned when he was drunk and

went fishing with a net in a lake. The incident took place at Boeng Chong Ksach at

the border of Kien Svay and Sa Ang district of Kandal province.


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