Police Blotter: 18 February, 2000

Police Blotter: 18 February, 2000




February 4: A headless corpse was found floating in the sea near Koh Russey

precinct, Sihanoukville. Police said the man may have come from one of four fishing

boats sunk in a storm last week.

February 5: Mam Liab, 44, was shot dead at 9:00 pm while having dinner

in Balaing village, Barai district, Kampong Thom. His 12-year-old daughter died later

in hospital. Police said the victims were shot by three unidentified men with AK-47s.

The motive for the killing is not known.

February 6: A French man, Saint Ghistaine Fabrice, 27, was found dead at

10:30 am at the Cafe Room for Rent guest-house in Srah Chak precinct, Phnom Penh.

Police said the victim had used a narcotic drug.

February 6: A 21-year-old man, Noeu Bona, was found dead at 8:00 am at

his house in Seda village, Dombe district, Kampong Cham. Chhoam Noeu, 44, said his

son, who was due to be married in March, drank insecticide after his betrothed cut

off their relationship because she loved another man.

February 6: Kim Sodina, 18, died at 4:30 pm while on a boat with six others

on Tonle Bati river in Kraing Thnung commune, Takeo. Police said the passengers,

from Boeng Trabak high school in Phnom Penh, paid 6,000 riel to rent the boat, but

it sank. Police said Sodina was murdered as she had massive neck injuries.

February 6: The body of a 29-year-old man, Oeu Tauch, was found hanging

from the roof of his house in Boeng Trabak precinct, Chamcarmon district. Police

said the victim, a palm juice seller with two children, killed himself while his

wife was out buying noodles.

February 6: Heng Thea, 31, a moto-taxi driver, was stabbed with a knife

and seriously injured at midnight in Prek Pra commune, Mean Chey district. Police

said the victim was stabbed in his left shoulder and face by three robbers who stole

his motorbike.

February 7: Phall Krouch, 38, was robbed of his motorbike at 5:30 am while

riding through a rubber-field in Sre Spey village, O Raing Ov district, Kampong Cham.

Police said the victim was ordered to stop by two robbers with an AK-47.

February 7: Phin Sovan, 18, and his girlfriend Srey Mao, 18, were sent

to Calmette hospital after losing consciousness at 4:00 am at a guest-house in Srah

Chak commune, Phnom Penh. Police said the victims tried to kill themselves by drinking

45 tablets of medicine because their parents refused to let them marry. Sovan died


February 7: Hoy Phat, 35, was found floating in a canal with a motorbike

at 6:30 am in Prek Tauch village, Kandal Steung district, Kandal. Police said the

victim was drunk and ran into the canal while returning from drinking wine with his


February 7: Doung Chan Makara, 18, was killed and his body dropped in a

cashew-field in Chhoeu Tial village, Cheung Prey district, Kampong Cham. Police said

the victim was killed two weeks ago by kidnappers demanding $50,000 ransom which

his family couldn't pay.

February 7: Pich Sovan, 30, a moto-taxi driver, was shot dead by his passenger

with a K-59 handgun at 6:40 pm on street 106 in Wat Phnom precinct. Police said the

victim was shot twice from behind. His motorbike was stolen.

February 7: A 22-year-old moto-taxi driver, Noun Chea, was robbed at 9:30

pm by his passenger on street 285 in Boeng Kak 1 precinct, Phnom Penh. He was beaten

and seriously injured by the traveler, who stole his motorbike.

February 8: A 45-year-old robber, Soun Yeat, was shot dead by police at

6:30 pm after he and his accomplice stole a motorbike in Prey Tatoeung village, Sithor

Kandal district, Prey Veng.

February 8: Sith Preng, 40, was shot with an AK-47 and seriously wounded

at midnight while sleeping on his verandah in Tum Ron village, Pouk district, Siem

Reap. Police said the victim, a goods seller, was shot once in his chest by robbers

who demanded 100,000 riels, but the request was refused. The robbers escaped empty-handed.

February 9: Heng Phok, 41, a gold seller, was robbed by two men with a

handgun at 4:40 pm in front of his house in Toul Svay Prey 2 precinct, Phnom Penh.

The robbers escaped with 30 damleung of gold.

February 9: Poeu Wa, 29, was robbed of his motorbike at 7:50 pm while carrying

his aunt in Chroy Ampil village, Kean Svay district, Kandal. Police said the victim,

an official from the Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts, had been stopped by two offenders

with a K-54 gun.

February 9: A 30-year-old man, Lai, died instantly in an accident at 8:15

pm while crossing Preah Sihanouk Blvd in Olympic precinct, Phnom Penh. Police said

the victim, a vagrant from Kampong Speu province, was hit by a tourist car and his

body thrown 16 meters.

February 9: Van Srey Poeu, 18, was sent to provincial hospital after collapsing

at 2:30 pm in Prey Kub village, Steung Sen district, Kampong Thom. Police said she

tried to kill herself with medicine because her mother cursed her without reason.

She died in hospital.

February 9: A Cameroun man, Pokam Nitchev Gabrielolivier, was arrested

at 8:30 am for cheating people in Ta Chan village, Kean Svay district, Kandal. Police

said Pokam and his accomplices had made $170,000 in one month.

February 10: Tep Vanary was seriously injured in a fire at 7:00 pm in Wat

Phnom precinct, Phnom Penh. Police said the victim's house was torched by her 25-year-old

godson, Bun Meat, who got angry with the house's owner. The arsonist was arrested

after the incident.

February 10: An 18-year-old mute girl was raped in Phoum Thom precinct,

Kean Svay district, Kandal. Police said she was brought to a brothel and raped by

a 23-year-old man, Heng Mean. Mean was arrested after the victim's family complained

to authorities.

February 10: Chim Choun, 51, and his wife Heak Khom, 46, were shot dead

at 8:30 pm while guarding a water pump at a rice-field in Toul Bey village, Kang

Meas district, Kampong Cham. Police said the victims were shot with an AK-47 by unidentified

men while they were sleeping.

February 10: Mey Sai, 27, a fisherman, was chopped to death and his two

brothers seriously injured in Tonle Sna precinct, Staung district, Kampong Thom.

Police said the victims were hit with an ax by Sok Hau, who escaped safely after

the incident.

February 11: Keo Kimsong, was shot dead at 8:15 am with an AK-47 at his

house in O'Samath precinct, Mitapheap district, Sihanoukville. Police said Kimsong,

a chief receptionist of Le Phnom Casino, was shot three times in his head and left

shoulder by Korm Nhor, 32. Nhor became angry after the victim complained to authorities

that Nhor had borrowed his motorbike and took it for a full day and night. The criminal

was arrested.

February 11: Three passengers on a Remoke died and five others were seriously

injured in an accident on National Road 1 in Kdey Takoy village, Kean Svay district,

Kandal. Police said the victims hit a truck, which was parked on the sidewalk.


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