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Police Blotter: 19 January 2001

Police Blotter: 19 January 2001



January 5: Chan Savuth, 25, and Sok Yoeun, 21, were severely injured after

a grenade exploded at midnight at their house in Khnai Tung village, Barai district,

Kampong Thom. Police said the grenade was thrown into the house by an unknown man

who is suspected of wanting to kill Yoeun's mother, who was baking a cake outside

of the house at the time.

January 5: Mang Man, 57, was chopped to death in a robbery at 6 pm in a rice-field

in Kap Prich village, Koas Kralor district, Battambang. Police said the victim was

chopped three times in the head and face with an ax by a group wearing military uniforms

who attempted to steal his cows and cow cart. The robbers escaped empty-handed into

a forest after authorities arrived.

January 6: Rom Heng, 51, was arrested and beaten nearly to death at 10:45

am while riding a motorbike on a way nearby Saravon pagoda, Phnom Penh. Police said

that Heng was attacked by passersby after four people on two motorbikes told them

that Heng was a thief. The four, who are suspected robbers, fled the scene with Heng's


January 6: Krouch Lika, 21, was robbed of his motorbike at 9 pm in Toul Tompoung

2 precinct, Chamcarmon district, Phnom Penh. Police said the victim, a moto-taxi

driver, was strangled by Nichea Limong, who attempted to steal his bike. Limong,

from Roka Kandal village in Kratie province, was arrested and beaten nearly to death

by passersby.

January 6: A 35-year-old unidentified man was beaten to death at 10:30 am

while he was on a motorbike driven by his friend in Psah Tauch village, Russei Keo

district, Phnom Penh. Police said the victim, who was accused of stealing a motorbike,

was dragged from the bike and beaten to death after being accused of being a thief.

His friend escaped.

January 6: Yon Khom was chopped and injured in the evening at a wine shop

in O Tres village, Steung Hao district, Sihanoukville. The victim was knifed several

times in the hands and legs and had one ear cut off by her 53-year-old husband, Eng

Sun, who was angry after she refused to go home after his two drinking companions

had tried to woo her.

January 6: Hieng Khoeung, 40, was arrested for a rape in Sre Khlong village,

Phnom Srouch district, Kampong Speu. Police said the capture came after his second

wife, Neang Sor, complained to the court that her husband had been raping her 12-year-old

daughter for more than a year. Khoeung, step-father of the victim, was also accused

of raping another 15-year-old girl in the area.

January 6: Kat Mom, 57, and his son-in-law, Veay Thoeun, 27, were gunned down

in Kea Mok village, Maung Russei district, Battambang. District Deputy Chief Ym Khay

said the victims were shot once each with an AK-47 by an unknown man while they were

on a cart loading rice into their house. Revenge was suspected for the killing as

the victim's property was not stolen.

January 7: Him Huot, 35, was chopped and severely injured in a quarrel at

7:30 pm at a wine shop in Toul Sala village, Saang district, Kandal. Police said

that Huot was chopped twice with an axe by a 30-year-old man, Cheng Yaung, who became

angry after being belittled and laughed at derisively. Huot had been accused of stealing

a cucumber just one day earlier. Yaung escaped after the incident.

January 7: Yin Yuot, 19, was knifed and severely injured in a quarrel at wedding

party in Kauk Meanchey village, Samrong Tong district, Kampong Speu. Police said

that Yuot was stabbed once in the chest by Men Pisey, 22, who was arrested after

the incident. Pisey confessed to police that he became angry after Yuot hit him with

a long stick.

January 8: Noeu Soksomnang, 21, a security-guard from Daun Penh Police Station,

suffered severe burns to his face after a meatball vendor hurled hot cooking at him

in the park in front of the Royal Palace in Phnom Penh. Police said that Sai Chan,

48, and his daughter, Sun Chan, 21, were angered by Soksomnang's demands that they

leave the park. The assailants were arrested.

January 9: Sien Ny, 20, was found dead at 7:30 pm at her house in Svay Ta

Ouk village, Saang district, Kandal. Police said the victim possibly poisoned herself

as she was angry and ashamed after a creditor criticized her mother about an unpaid

loan of 300,000 R.

January 9: Tol Bunthoeun, 41, was knifed and severely injured while guarding

his lotus in a lake in Kook Vear village, Boribo district, Kampong Chhnang. Police

said the victim was chopped twice from behind by his close friend, Ngurn, who became

angry after Bunthoeun refused his request to allow him to drain the pond in order

to catch fish. Bunthoeun died in provincial hospital two days later. Ngurn remains

at large.

January 10: Noro Yslam, 35, a Bangladeshi national, was beaten and injured

in Wat Phnom precinct, Daun Penh district, Phnom Penh. Police said the victim, owner

of the Thyda guest-house, was tortured and beaten with long sticks and rocks by three

gangsters who attempted to steal a watch and $100. The assailants, Sun Kosal, Keo

Somnang and Seng Chandara, were arrested later.

January 10: Hien Houng, 20, was kidnapped at 6:20 pm from her house in Masin

Teuk village, Me Muot district, Kratie. Police said the victim, an ice shop owner,

was abducted and pushed into a car by four people armed with a AK-47 and a M16. Tep

Sopheara, 38, one of Houng's employees, worker for was shot and later died from his

wounds at a hospital in Vietnam.

January 10: Ros Sovan, 16, was chopped and injured at noon after he stole

one damleung of gold and 130,000 R from a neighbor's house in Prey Kay village, Dangkor

district. Police said the offender was arrested and hit twice on the shoulder with

a big saw by the house's owner. Sovan confessed to police that he'd entered the house

but insisted he hadn't taken anything.

January 11: Chinese national Yi Hong Ti, 49, , died in Chhuon Minh hospital

after he was knifed in Toul Tompoung 1 commune, Phnom Penh. Police said that Hong

Ti was stabbed several times by Tong Hinh Sung, 33, who became angry while being

held for $2000 ransom in a Hong Ti's house. Hinh Sung was arrested later.

January 12: A 19-year-old girl was raped at midnight while returning from

a karaoke shop in Boeng Kak precinct, Toul Kok district, Phnom Penh. Police said

the girl was captured and brought to Heng Heng Guest-house by three gangsters while

she was getting off from a moto-taxi in Tonle Bassac precinct where she lives. The

rapists, Chan Vuthy, 22, an Interior Ministry policeman, Kong Veasna, 21, and Sok

Vandara, 23, were arrested immediately.

January 13: Van Rong, 21, died instantly in an accident at 3 am on the corners

of Norodom Blvd and Street 154 in Psah Thmei 3 precinct, Phnom Penh. Police said

the victim was hit by a Toyota Camry and his body thrown about 47 meters from the

spot while he was on a motorbike driven by his friend, Som Nak, who was also severely


January 13: Yoeun Yeat, 21, was beaten nearly to death at 11 pm after he snatched

a five chi gold necklace from a 43-year-old sweet seller, Chhoeng Chhavy in Boeng

Raing commune, Phnom Penh. The pickpocket, who comes from Battambang province, was

arrested by householders and handed over to police only after he'd been severely



January 14: Poeu Nam, 48, was found floating in a canal about 100 meters

from her house in Chompous Kaek village, Kien Svay district, Kandal. Police said

the victim, a widow, had been hit on the left temple with a steel bar.


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