Police blotter: 19 June 1998

Police blotter: 19 June 1998


June 1: An unknown man was shot dead by his friend, Chhourn Kakda, with a

K-54 handgun. Kakda, a policeman at municipal criminal office, escaped after the

crime. The two men were drinking together in a squatter area behind Calmette Hospital

for almost five hours and had a verbal conflict before the shooting.

June 1: Sok Kheng, 19, a student at Yokanthor High School, was shot dead and

Sok Lon, a cigarette seller, was wounded by an AK-47 on Sihanouk Blvd. The shooter,

Preng, escaped with his wife. Witnesses said the escaped couple had quarreled with

Sok Long over the running of a cigarette business about three hours before the shooting.

June 2: Khourng Khom, 35, a security guard at Regel Hotel on Kampuchea Krom

Blvd was shot dead in front of the hotel by his colleague, Sem Chea, 40. Just before

his death, Khom shot and seriously injured Chea. A local newspaper said that the

two men had an argument with each other.

June 2: A robber, Bunna Roth, was shot dead by police on the corner of Street

178 and Street 51 while he was trying to escape from arrest.

June 4: Touch Piseth, 41, an ice seller near the Naga floating casino in Chatomuk

precinct, was killed by a fortune teller, who chopped him twice on his neck with

a one-meter sword. The offender, Sok Hang, 30, was arrested immediately after the

incident and is said to have a mental disorder.

June 4: A group of seven Chinese people were arrested by police at Angkor

Thom Guest House on Street 93 of O'Russei 4th precinct. Sixteen packs of drug powder

named Osium Acalloit, two bags of marijuana, syringes for drug injection and cigarettes

were confiscated from the group.

June 4: A former tank unit soldier who had become a motor taxi driver, Sao

Savoeun, 43, was shot twice in the chest and killed with K-54 handgun by three robbers

who tried to steal his motorbike on Street 410, Boeung Trobek precinct. After the

shooting, the robbers escaped without taking the motorbike, as many people in the

area were shouting at them.

June 4: The throat of a 12-year-old girl, Kong Men, was slashed by a robber

who stole her gold necklace, worth $34, and killed her while she was tending her

cows in a field in Ponhea Krek district, Kampong Cham province. The robber has not

been arrested.

June 5: Tim Soth, 22, a son of a gold dealer at Kandal market was shot dead

while his mother, Lim Siyun, 47, and his brother-in-law, Tho Bunthang, 33, were injured

in their house on Street 460 of Toul Tompoung, 2nd precinct by robbers who tried

to steal their gold. The robbers panicked after the shooting and escaped without

taking anything with them.

June 5: Hun Pao, 37, the owner of a gas shop on Mao Tse Tung Blvd, Boeung

Trobek precinct, was shot in the head and killed in his shop. A man in civilian dress

was seen walking out of the shop just after the shot. Local police speculated that

revenge was the motive because nothing was stolen in the incident and Pao had a conflict

once with an employee.

June 6: Ket Tha, 30, a high school teacher in Sihanoukville was shot dead.

His necklace and ring worth about $400, a watch and a motorcycle were taken from

the victim. Police concluded that this is a robbery, but the thief has not been arrested.

June 7: Nam, 31, was found dead in Ang Snoul district, Kandal province, on

Route 4. A local newspaper reported that the man was chopped with ax by robbers who

stole his motorbike. He fell unconscious on the road and then was driven over by

a car coming from Kampong Speu.

June 7: Mototaxi driver, Tham Phea, 22 and his friend Phoung Thoung, 27, died

after their motorbike hit a tree in an unofficial race in Sihanoukville. Tham Phea

and Phoung Thoung were on one motorbike, racing against two men on another motorbike,

for a bet worth 70,000 riel ($17).

June 8: Thong Uy Pang, 53, the editor of Koh Santepheap and his security guard

were shot and injured by an unidentified gunman in Tek Thla pagoda on Pochengtong

Blvd while the editor and his family were preparing to pray at a stupa. The injured

were taken to the Calmette Hospital for operation and were released five days later.

The assailant, who was also injured in the gun exchange, escaped on the back of a

motor bike driven by his accomplice.

June 9: An unidentified man was shot dead with an AK-47 by task force police,

cooperating with security guards of Inter-Continental Hotel. A local newspaper reported

he was trying to steal construction material from a warehouse in Tom Nobtek precinct.

June 11: An unidentified woman died in Chhoun Minh Private Hospital after

the motorbike she was on was hit by a truck on Mao Tse Tung Blvd. The truck driver

escaped after the incident.

June 12: Khun Khem, 45, a motor taxi driver, was beaten to death with a wooden

stick by robbers who stole his motor bike in Chom Chao precinct, Dangkor district.

The robbers have not been arrested.

June 13: Soth Vary,18, a student of the Faculty of Business was shot dead

by three robbers who stole his motorbike in front of his house on Street 192, Tek

Loak 3rd precinct. Two of the three robbers were arrested within three hours. Later,

they were shot dead by police while they were trying to escape, after the police

took them to the scene of the crime and ordered them to show how they committed the

murder and robbery.

June 13: Om Sam Oeun, 17, has been arrested for killing his aunt, Chon Ieng

Ly, 35, by cutting her throat in her house on Street 110, Wat Phnom precinct. He

said he killed his aunt because he was very angry with her for scolding him.

June 14: Po Narith, 28 and Chan Sary, 30, were shot dead in a gun exchange

with police in Chom Chao precinct. According to the municipal police at the spot,

these two men were kidnappers trying to escape from arrest.

June 16: A cyclo driver, Sem Khem, 47, hung himself to death in Wat Phnom

precinct, Daun Penh district. The sister of the dead man, Sem Neang, said Khem committed

suicide because he felt lonely after he could not live with the family due to a domestic


- Summarized from Khmer newspapers Rasmei Kampuchea and Koh Santepheap by Pok



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