Police Blotter: 23 February 2007

Police Blotter: 23 February 2007

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FEBRUARY 10: The naked body of Karaoke worker Bour Lya, 24, was found floating

in a stream in Svay Por commune, Battambang province. Police who retrieved the body

said Lya had been raped and killed elsewhere and her body dumped in the stream. She

had been stabbed once in the cheek.

FEBRUARY 10: Hat Saroeun, 49, died instantly when a hand grenade exploded

at 10pm in Anlong Svay village, Banteay Meanchey province. His wife, Lang Sim, 44,

told police Saroeun committed suicide when she refused to have sex with him after

he returned home after leaving her a month earlier.

FEBRUARY 10: Sun Bunlong, 40, was handed over to police by fellow villagers

after they had beaten him nearly to death for having raped a 7-year-old girl in Sralao

Srong village, Kampong Thom province. The girl said Bunlong took her to a banana

field behind her house then raped her.

FEBRUARY 11: Police are looking for Keo Tech, 32, who they said escaped after

killing Long Vanna, 47, while he was sleeping in a hammock at 2:15pm beneath his

house in Ang Romdoul village, Kampot province. A neighbor told police Tech drove

a bicycle to Vanna's house and chopped him several times in the head with an ax then

escaped. The neighbor said the pair had argued at midday while they were eating food

and drinking wine.

FEBRUARY 11: Koeut Chhun, 69, a member of a pagoda commission, was arrested

after a 21-year-old woman accused him of raping her while she was cleaning a temple

in Tamao village, Kampong Cham province. The woman told police Chhun entered the

temple and closed the door then raped her. The woman said Chhun tried to give her

1,000 riel after the rape but she refused it.

FEBRUARY 12: Soeung Kanthida, 16, a student, was taken to a clinic and later

transferred to Calmette Hospital, where she died from head injuries, after jumping

from the fourth floor of Pannasastra university where she studied in Chatomuk commune,

Phnom Penh. A student said Kanthida was sad after her boyfriend gave a flower to

another woman during on Valentine's day.

FEBRUARY 13: Chak Bin, 21, was shot and severely wounded during an attempted

robbery while carrying his friend on a motorbike at 5:30am in Toul Svay Prey 1 commune,

Phnom Penh. Lim Bunhout, 19, told police three civilian gunmen on a motorbike blocked

their path and hit him on the head with the butt of a handgun then shot Bin in the

waist as he tried to ride away. Bunhout said Bin drove himself to Calmette Hospital

for surgery.

FEBRUARY 13: Khem Kheng, 49, was arrested by police after injuring Kheng Srash,

18, during an argument three days earlier in Sorya village, Kampong Speu province.

Srash told police Kheng knocked him down on the face with the back of an axe. Police

said Kheng was angry after his 13-year-old daughter told him that Srash touched her


FEBRUARY 13: Sin Pros, 23, was fatally shot by one of two robbers at night

when he stopped his motorbike to pick up his girlfriend in Tuol Sangke village, Phnom

Penh. Police quoted a witness who said one of two robbers hit Pros on the back of

his head with a hammer and the other shot him in the head with a handgun, then they

escaped on his bike.

FEBRUARY 13: Two gunmen killed Tok Heang, 37, and tried to steal his motorbike

while he was carrying a girlfriend at 7:30pm in Boeng Keng Kang 1 commune, Phnom

Penh. However police arrived and the gunmen fled on their motorbike. A witness said

the two blocked Heang's path and shot him three times in the head with a handgun

when he resisted.

FEBRUARY 14: Khim Heng, 38, a police officer, was found dead in the early

morning in front of his office in the Ministry of Interior. A friend told police

Heng drank wine with him the previous night and probably fell from the second floor

of his department while drunk. Police are investigating.

FEBRUARY 14: Chea Savin, 47, was shot dead in a robbery at 9:20pm while her

husband was away from home in Prey Tralarch commune, Battambang province. A neighbor

said three robbers entered Savin's house and shot her in the back with a handgun

then chopped her in the head with a cleaver and stole four million riel in cash,

one damleung (37.49 grams) of gold and one motorbike.

FEBRUARY 15: Police arrested Chin Soung, 38, for assaulting his wife, Chhai

Pov, 39, at 8:30pm in Poipet commune, Banteay Meanchey province. Pov, who is being

treated at a provincial clinic, said Soung chopped her three times on the head with

a cleaver and two fingers were cut off when she used her arms to block the knife.

Pov said Soung recently pulled out six of her teeth with pliers during a fight.

FEBRUARY 16: Chan Kimsan, 27, suffered a bullet wound while riding his motorbike

at midnight when a man fired a gun to stop an argument between two groups of gangsters.

A passerby said the man parked his car and shot once in the ground to stop an argument

between the gangsters in Boeng Keng Kang 3 commune, Phnom Penh, but unfortunately

the bullet went into Kimsan's thigh.

FEBRUARY 17: Soam Heng, 36, a reporter for Pul Rout Khmer Newspaper, was taken

by police to a provincial hospital for medical treatment after a villager injured

him at midnight in Prey Teuk Thla village, Kampong Speu province. A witness told

police the villager chopped Heng in the forehead and hit him on the temple with the

back of an ax when he tried to stop his ox cart to extort money from him while he

was carrying wood from a forest.

FEBRUARY 18: Posh Saran, 48, was arrested after his wife accused him of attempting

to rape an 11-year-old daughter the previous night in Sas Slap village, Kampong Chhnang

province. Hem Var, 33, told police Saran punched on her face three times when she

tried to stop him raping the daughter.

FEBRUARY 18: Sar Than, 37, was shot dead after drinking wine with three people at

his house in Ta Meak Thmey village, Kampong Cham province. Police said Than was shot

twice in the chest and the arm with an AK-47 while sitting on the first floor of

a wooden house. Police are looking for the three as Than's wife said the shooting

happened after they left her house.

- Translated from Khmer newspapers Koh Santepheap and Rasmei Kampuchea by Aun



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