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Police Blotter: 23 July 1999

Police Blotter: 23 July 1999



July 6: Deng Gnar, 20, a construction worker, was arrested by policemen

after he raped his 10-year-old niece at his house while she was bringing a plate

to her sister in Psah Tauch village, Russei Keo district. Police said the capture

came after the victim's family complained to the court.

July 7: Sun Thary, 19, was arrested by local authorities after he killed a

girl, Khim Srey Poeu,12, while she was on a boat to pick lotus fruit in a lake in

Touk Meas commune, Banteay Meas district, Kampot. The criminal confessed that he

attempted to rape the girl, but she was stronger than him and then he killed her.

July 8: Two thieves, Vietnamese brothers Minh Moeung, 33, and Minh Maing,

36, were beaten to death while trying to escape after they stole a motorbike on Kampuchea

Krom street in Mita Pheap commune, 7 January district.

July 8: Srei San, 21, a policeman from the Ministry of Interior, was shot

dead and his body dropped in Batheay district, Kampong Cham. Srei Samnang, an elder

sister of the victim said her younger brother, who lost a motorbike, one damleung

of necklace, and a ring, was shot five times in the body and his hands were tied

behind his back.

July 8: An unidentified thief was shot dead by a policeman after he stole

a motorbike in Monorom commune precinct, 7 January district. Witnesses said the thief

was shot in his stomach and died immediately while hiding in a barber shop. Police

said another thief escaped with a motorbike.

July 9: An unidentified motor-taxi driver, was shot dead at 9:30 pm with a

K-59 handgun by robbers who took his motorbike in Boeung Kok 2 precinct, Toul Kok

district. Police said the victim, who was shot once in his chest, died after being

taken to Preah Kosamak hospital.

July 9: Im Rethy, 36, a policeman, was shot at 9:30 pm with a K-59 handgun

by robbers who took his motorbike while he was stopped in Boeung Kak 2 precinct,

Toul Kok district. Police said the victim was shot in his chest and died later in

hospital. The robbers escaped.

July 10: Nguien Thy Hong, 14, a Vietnamese girl, was found dead in Doeum Chrey

village, Muk Kampoul district, Kandal. Police said the victim was killed after being

raped by four or five offenders while she was walking selling cakes. The criminals


July 11: Two children, Sum Vibol, 16, and Thea Ra, 8, were arrested by

a policeman one day after the elder boy raped a girl, 6, while she was playing with

other children on the fourth floor of Anarchic Building in Tonle Basac commune, Cham-carmon

district. The younger boy was an accessory.

July 11: Ear Sin Doeun, 24, a gold seller, was robbed by local people authorized

to carry weapons, while he was riding a motorbike from his house to the market in

Pia Raing village, Leuk Dek district, Kandal. The victim said the offenders, who

had AKs and K-59 handguns and two-way radios, escaped safely with six kilograms of


July 11: Os Veasna, 13, was shot and wounded at 4:30 pm with an arrow by his

friend while they were shooting a rat in a field in Ta Me village, Pon Gnealeu district,

Kandal. Police said the victim was shot in his chest and died immediately after he

took out the arrow. His friend, Hong Sokchea, 13, was arrested.

July 12: Khut Sakhoeun, 39, a goods seller, was robbed at midnight by two

unidentified men while he was sleeping at his house in Toul Sophy village, O Raing

Oeuv district, Kampong Cham. The robbers escaped with a motorbike and some cash.

July 13: The body of an unidentified woman was found in a drain in Sam Bour

village, Dong Kor district, Phnom Penh. Police said the victim looked Chinese and

appeared to have been killed four days earlier. She had massive head injuries and

her hands were tied behind her back.

July 14: A monk, Gne Han, 20, was stabbed and seriously injured in a quarrel

with another monk at Sanlong pagoda in Mesang district, Prey Veng. Local authorities

said the criminal, Po Sambath, 20, was arrested immediately after the incident. The

victim is in Preah Kosamak hospital in Phnom Penh.

July 14: Choun Pheatarak, 22, a student from the Faculty of Business, was

shot with a K-59 handgun by his friend in Khbal Koh village, Saang district, Kandal.

The victim was shot once in his chest and died after being sent to Calmette hospital.

The motivation for the killing is not known. The criminal, Heang Seng-chou, escaped.

July 15: Math Halimash, 57, a Muslim woman, was found dead of a broken neck

at her house in Prek Pra village, Mean Chey district, Phnom Penh. Police said the

victim was robbed by her second husband, Nay Heang, 58, who took three damleung of

her necklace. He was arrested.

July 15: Heng Veasna, 27, a security worker from Li Lai hotel, was seriously

injured in an accident at 9:15 pm when he was hit by a truck while riding a motorbike

on Russian Blvd. The victim, who is also a former soldier from Banteay Meanchey,

was taken to Calmette hospital. The truck driver escaped.

July 15: The body of an unidentified woman from Kook Char village, Dombe district

was found under a big tree. Police said the victim was stabbed many times in the

body and her throat was cut. She had been raped before being killed.

July 16: Men Sean, 71, was shot dead at night by a neighbor while he was walking

into his house in Bak Korm village, Prey Chhor district, Kampong Cham. Police said

the motivation for the killing was personal revenge. The criminal is already known,

but he escaped. Police are following to capture.

July 16: An unidentified girl, 14, was rescued after she suddenly lost

conciousness at 8:00 pm in Psah Tauch village, Toul Sangke commune, Russei Keo district.

Police said the victim, who is living in Phnom Penh city, had been drugged with sleeping

pills by a man who raped and robbed her.

July 16: Yart Nga, 24, was arrested for a murder a week earlier in Doeum Chrey

village, Muk Kampoul district, Kandal. Police said the criminal confessed that he

really killed a Vietnamese girl, Nguien Thy Hong, 14, after he raped her.

July 17: Kan Korn, 40, was stabbed to death while he was riding a bicycle

on a local road in Kraing Loak village, Prey Kabas district, Takeo. The criminal,

known as Tim, escaped after the murder. The motivation for the killing is not known.

However, police said the victim was stabbed many times, apparently in revenge.

July 18: Sok Sopheap, 23, died immediately and her niece Tan Vanrith, 14,

was seriously wounded at 9:30 pm after a bomb exploded in Doeum Ampil village, Chbar

Ampoeu commune, Meanchey district. Police said that the bomb was TNT fixed in a radio

by an unidentifed man who attempted to kill another man, Sok Ly. Police are investigating.

July 19: Khun Ngan, 38, a motor-taxi driver, was shot and seriously wounded

by two robbers who took his motorbike while he was riding in Chrey Sokhom village,

Kampong Cham. The robbers escaped safely.



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