Police Blotter: 24 March 2006

Police Blotter: 24 March 2006

MARCH 10: A motorbike taxi driver, Chea Srin, died at Calmette Hospital after

he was stabbed in the stomach with a knife during a nighttime argument in Srah Chak

commune, Phnom Penh. Police later arrested Tim Bunly, 25, also a motorbike taxi driver.

Bunly told police that Srin became angry and tried to hit him after he took a passenger.

MARCH 10: Police arrested Thy Thart, 30, who knifed his uncle, So Samarth,

41, while they walked to a sister's house nearby in Sek Yum village, Kampong Cham

province. Police said Thart chopped Samarth in the forehead in revenge for an incident

two years earlier. Samarth was taken to a clinic and later transferred to a provincial


MARCH 12: Phim Phan, 48, was arrested for a murder a day earlier in Trapaing

Prey village, Kampong Speu province. Police said Phan killed an 8-year-old boy, a

son of Sok Sun, 48, by chopping him in the back with a heavy knife while they drove

home from a stream where they had taken a bath in the evening. Sun told police that

recently while they were arguing over disputed land Phan had threatened to kill him

and his family.

MARCH 12: A groom, Rim Vankar, 25, was sent to Preah Kossamak hospital for

surgery after being shot during an argument at his wedding party at 9:10pm in Teuk

Laak 3 commune, Phnom Penh. A witness told police that Kim Vanthan, escaped on a

motorbike after shooting Vankar in the chest with a K-54 handgun when Vankar tried

to make peace while Vanthan was arguing with a cook.

MARCH 12: Huol Chun, 40, was arrested and later handed to provincial criminal

police after injuring Heng Heang, 58, whom he found having sex with his wife the

previous night in Por Thom village, Kandal province. Chun's wife said Heang gave

her 5,000 riel and took her to a banana field behind her house. Chun came upon them,

found them having sex, and struck Heang on the head with a bamboo stick. Chun's wife

told police she was raped.

MARCH 13: Police arrested a student, Tiev Panhavuth, 18, who shot Theam Tolla,

17, in the arm with a K-54 handgun at 4:30pm in a drinking shop where they were arguing

in Prek Thun village, Kandal province. Panhavuth told police that Tolla had tried

to hit him with a bottle of wine. A bystander said the argument happened after Tolla

wooed Panhavuth's girlfriend. A newspaper said Panhavuth's family offered $5,000

to Tolla to pay for medical treatment but his parents refused the proposal as they

wanted to bring the case to court.

MARCH 13: A Korean national, Kim Min Jhe, 27, was arrested on suspicion of

murdering a Korean businessman two weeks earlier in Svay Dangkum commune, Siem Reap

province. Police said the businessman, Won You Jeon, 40, was sent to a provincial

hospital after being tortured but later died.

MARCH 13: A poor farmer, Un Sambok, 53, was found hanging by a krama from

a tree at 11:12am behind his house in Domnak Khlong village, Kampong Speu province.

A neighbor told police that Sambok committed suicide because his wife criticized

him for being drunk every day.

MARCH 14: Routh Sophea, 28, was sent to Calmette Hospital for revival after

attempting suicide at 11:30am in front of the Canadian Embassy in Phnom Penh. Police

said Sophea stabbed herself in the stomach with a knife because she was angry with

her husband, Sar Toeu, 36, who lives in Canada as an immigrant. Sophea said Toeu

married her five years ago, and promised to take her to live in Canada, but had not

done so.

MARCH 15: Van Na, 26, a construction worker, was sent to Calmette Hospital

after attempting suicide at 11:30am in Tonle Bassac commune, Phnom Penh. A neighbor

said Na jumped from the first floor of his guest house after he had had a jealous

argument with his wife three days earlier. A doctor said Na's back was broken and

he suffered severe head injuries.

MARCH 15: Police arrested three of six people who had attempted to rob a telephone

from a student at 10:30am in Chey Chumnas commune, Phnom Penh. Police said the arrested

people were Hun Sovanda, 17, Khut Routhana, 19, and Ya Lin, 19. Chin Sivheng, 16,

told police they pointed a knife at him and threatened him for his telephone while

he was carrying two friends on a motorbike.

MARCH 16: Nguyen Ngok Phoeng, 47, a Vietnamese, was murdered at 10:20pm in

Mittapheap district, Sihanoukville. Police said Nguyen was killed with an ax while

walking home from farmland where he had drunk wine with his four neighbors that evening.

The murderer escaped.

MARCH 16: Kheang Lim, 34, was shot dead while illegally logging in a forest

where he worked in Boeng Lavea village, Kampong Thom province. Another worker said

Lim was shot four times for an unknown reason with an AK-47 by his boss, identified

as Map.

MARCH 17: A widow with two children, Chhurn Ngor, 30, was found dead in the

early morning in Troeuy Sla commune, Kandal province. Police said Ngor was killed

with a heavy knife while walking home from a night of drinking palm wine. Police

said Ngor recently told her children someone had been threatening to kill her.

MARCH 17: A lottery vendor, Chhoeng Sovannara, 41, was sent to Calmette Hospital

for treatment after San Channa, 30, a security guard in Kandal market, knocked her

down during an argument at 8:50am in Phnom Penh. A bystander said Channa struck Sovannara

on the back of her head with a pestle then ran away.

MARCH 18: Yan Pha, 30, a motorbike taxi driver, was robbed of his motorbike

while trying to collect his fee from a passenger at 7:15pm in Trapaing Thloeng village,

Phnom Penh. Pha told police the passenger asked him to stop then threatened to kill

him with a handgun before escaping on his bike with two other accomplices who were

riding behind on a motorbike.

MARCH 18: A gunman escaped after shooting a woman, Teap Thorn, 62, during

a robbery at 10:10pm in Kandal village, Kampot province. A neighbor told police the

man parked his motorbike in front of Thorn's house and threatened her, demanding

her gold earring. The neighbor said the man shot her twice in the stomach with an

AK-47 after Thorn chopped him three times with a knife.

MARCH 19: Lim Loeum, 62, and his wife, Noeuy Noy, 65, were found dead in the

evening in Tuol village, Kampong Cham province. Chum Hoeun, deputy chief of Police

office in Bateay district, said the couple were killed with a heavy knife while walking

home from a rice field where they had planted dry-season rice. Hoeun said a villager

had told him an unknown man chopped Loeum twice in the neck and the waist then killed

Noy and cut her head off. Hoeun suspects revenge was the motive because some people

recently accused Loeum of sorcery.

MARCH 19: Police are seeking Hoeut Meat, 35, who escaped after killing his

wife, Chheng Chhunly, 25, at 9:15pm during a domestic dispute in Tum Poung village,

Battambang province. Police said Meat killed Chhunly with a heavy knife and a stick,

then hanged her body on a tree to make it look like suicide.

MARCH 20: Four people driving from Sihanoukville to Phnom Penh on Route 4

died when the Camry car they were in crashed into a tree and was cut in half as they

tried to overtake a Landcruiser in Kandoal Dom village, Kampong Speu province. Police

said the dead were Chhun Siphanarong, 20, Chhun Leakena, 22, Sim Chanmadona, 18,

and Sim Chanmadonet, 16. Chhun Siphanarak, 18, was severely injured.

MARCH 21: Choun Sophoan, 40, died at a clinic after being shot at noon while

she was sitting with her family in front of her house in Prey Chisak village, Phnom

Penh. A witness told police that one of two unidentified masked men shot Sophoan

twice in the chest with a K-59 handgun then escaped on a motorbike. Police suspect


- Translated from Khmer newspapers Koh Santepheap and Rasmei Kampuchea by Aun



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