Police Blotter: 27 February 1998

Police Blotter: 27 February 1998

Feb 9: Chan Kim, 23, and Sath Sokvan, 20, were wounded by unidentified

gunmen who had followed the pair on their motobike at 2:30am and shot them in front

of Lucky supermarket. Police concluded that this incident was prompted by malice.

Feb 9: A thief broke into a cabinet belonging to the chief monk of Arun

Vaddey pagoda in Dang Kau district, Phnom Penh and stole all the pagoda's money:

$8,610 and 920,000 riel.

Feb 10: A house owner was killed, as was one member of a gang of robbers,

and a girl living in the house was seriously injured after gunfire was exchanged

between the robbers and their victims at Sodey village, Prey Cheu district, Kampong

Cham. Military police said that the dead homeowner was a policeman who began shooting

at a gang of five, killing one and wounding another before being shot and killed

himself. The military police reported that they knew the dead robber was a bodyguard

of an army general, but they refused to name him.

Feb 11: An unidentified thief was killed by a mob of people after he and

his accomplice attempted to steal something from a villager's house in Siem Reap

village, Kandal Stung district, Kandal.

Feb 14: Mon Roeun, 33, who lived near Phnom Penh's Post Office, was killed

by unidentified man who struck him with a hatchet to his neck in his house at noon.

Police said that the murderer was his relative.

Feb 14: Kim Sam Ath, 48 and her son, Oun Sakon, 22, were hurt by armed

robbers, some wearing soldier's uniforms, when they came to rob her house at Trapang

Thleng village, Sangkat Chaum Chav Dang Kau district. The robbers escaped with a

TV, cassette player, a camera, an Echo-Amplier and some cash.

Feb 17: Oun Sophanra, 27, was killed and three others hurt after a taxi

and a tourist van crashed head-on at top speed in Toul Damnak village, Kampong Thom

province. The van's front tire had apparently blown out. Both drivers escaped.

Feb 18: Theng Sokha, 17, committed suicide by shooting his chest after

his mother had scolded him about his making his nephew cry. His mother had told him

"you are crazy". The incident took place at #1420 Russey Keo district.

Feb 17: Two robbers were killed and one was arrested in Bakheng village,

Kandal after they had robbed a Viva motorcycle. One of those killed was a military

policeman named Prak Sakhem; the arrested man was also an MP, named Cham Saroeun.

The other dead man was a student. Bakheng police officers said that another four

MPs tried later to rescue Saroeun, but police refused to give him up.

Feb 19: Yon Sauv, 42 was killed by his friend who stabbed him with a spear

after they had an argument over a drink. The incident took place at Psar Lek village,

Kandal province.

Feb 21: Lim Leng, 19, was shot with four bullets and killed as she walked

outside the International Youth Club. Police said that this was not a robbery, but

one of malice, and that somebody may have hired a killer. Local newspapers, noting

Leng's beauty, speculated that the hirer may have been the wife of an "Ek Udom"


Feb 23: Frenchman Bruno Jambut, the owner of Phnom Penh restaurant La Rotonde,

was arrested by French police, in cooperation with Cambodian police, for bank robberies

in Denmark. Two accomplices - Boris Markovic and Philippe Robert - were simultaneously

arrested in Toulon and Paris. (- Marie-Christine Courtes).

Feb 24: Ke Chandara, 27, killed his wife Pich Sophan, 18, a singer and

actress, and their son Pirun, 9 months, before killing himself in the family's Khan

Daun Penh home. Sources said that Sopha's mother, Chanbory, tried splitting the couple,

who had eloped when Sophan became pregnant, in favor of Sophan marrying a rich Khmer-Australian

man. A note was found on Chandara's body saying "The cruel mother-in-law is

greedy for money, forgets her children and grandson. We die together."

- (Summarized from Khmer newspapers Koh Santepheap and Rasmey Kampuchea by

Bou Saroeun.)