Police Blotter: 3 Feb 2012

Police Blotter: 3 Feb 2012

Boxer attacked after fending off teenagers
A 39-year-old boxer was injured and robbed by four men after fending off his initial attackers – teenagers – in the capital’s Por Sen Chey district on Tuesday. The victim said he was riding his motorcycle home when three teenagers blocked his way and attempted to rob him. He fought back and they fled. Four other men then appeared and beat him on the head with wooden sticks. They stole his mobile phone and money before escaping. Nokorwat

Tip-off helps owner find motorcycle thief
A 19-year-old man was arrested while trying to sell a stolen motorcycle in Stung Treng province on Tuesday. The suspect’s 45-year-old rubber plantation co-worker in Kratie province said his motorcycle went missing. His neighbours told him they saw the suspect taking it in the direction of Stung Treng. He found the suspect and caught him as he was attempting to sell the motorcycle. Nokorwat

Student hacked with sword as groups clash
A high-school student was seriously injured during a face-off between rival groups in Battambang town on Wednesday. Police said two groups, each comprising high-school and university students, were attacking each other from their motorcycles. In the scuffle, the 19-year-old was hacked in the back with a sword. Two university students, aged 19 and 22, have been arrested and police are looking for others involved. Koh Santepheap

Security guard beaten during factory break-in
A security guard was critically injured on Tuesday in the capital’s Por Sen Chey district while trying to stop a break-in at a factory. Police said four men were trying to break in when they were spotted by the security guard. They proceeded to attack him with wooden sticks, injuring him in the head. One suspect, 18, has been arrested and police are on the lookout for the others. Koh Santehpheap

Thieves caught lifting farm-machinery parts
Four men were arrested in Siem Reap town on Tuesday when they returned to lift parts from a farming machine they had looted previously. Police said the men, aged 19 to 25, had stolen parts of the machine two weeks earlier. The owner reported the theft to police, and the thieves were apprehended when they came back to steal more parts. Police said the men were known in the area for stealing. Kampuchea Thmey


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