Police Blotter: 30 August 2002

Police Blotter: 30 August 2002



AUGUST 16: Chin Chantha, 21, was arrested for murder after a 14-year-old

girl was killed in Pou Chhoeung village, Prey Nop district, Sihanoukville, five days

earlier. Police said Chantha confessed to the authorities, saying he had raped the

teenager and strangled her while the pair were taking shelter during a thunderstorm.

AUGUST 16: Chak Khet, 23, a primary school teacher, was arrested for a

murder he was accused of committing the previous month in Prek Spian Kampong Sdam

village, Sre Ambel district, Koh Kong. Police said Khet had escaped to Kampong Thom

province after he robbed and killed Mam Ea, 22, a motodup driver.

AUGUST 16: Buoch Ry, 34, was sent to the provincial hospital in Kampong

Cham after he was attacked and severely injured during a drinking session in Prek

Tanong village, Koh Sotin district. Police said Ry was chopped in the chest and arm

with a hoe by his neighbor, Soeun, who was later arrested

AUGUST 17: Police are investigating a suspected murder and suicide in Sen

Sok village, Russei Keo district, on the outskirts of Phnom Penh. Phan Phong, 22,

is thought to have shot his pregnant 16-year-old wife, Hong Me, in the stomach and

shoulder with a K-54 handgun before turning his weapon on himself. He died instantly

from a gunshot wound to the head; his wife died later in Preah Kossamak Hospital.

AUGUST 17: A 44-year-old man, Sok Van, was arrested after being accused

of raping a 14-year-old girl in Thmar Keo village, Tram Kak district, Takeo province.

Police said the arrest came after the parents of the girl complained to the authorities

that she had been attacked. They also accused Van of persuading their daughter to

leave home and accompany him to Dey Thmei village, Russei Keo district, on the outskirts

of Phnom Penh.

AUGUST 18: The authorities are looking for the driver of a truck after

a fatal accident. The truck collided with a motorbike on Russian Federation Boulevard

on the outskirts of Phnom Penh. Police said the victim, Sar Sopheak, 23, a student

from Norton University, was killed instantly when the truck tried to overtake a car.

AUGUST 18: Khao Min, 22, died from massive head injuries after his bicycle

was hit by a cement truck on Monivong Boulevard in Prek village, Phnom Penh. Police

arrested the truck driver, Chea Ieng, 26, from Prek Khsai village, Prey Veng province,

on the scene.

AUGUST 18: A Thai couple in Banteay Meanchey province are in police custody

after being accused of human trafficking. Chhum Phon, 53, and his wife Yuon Ahran,

43, were arrested after Oeun Sivorn, 20, laid a complaint with the authorities. Sivorn

alleged the couple had promised to find her a job in Thailand, before selling her

and three other girls into prostitution.

AUGUST 19: Bun Tuoch, 50, was found dead in his bed in the early morning

at his house in Srah Chak commune, Phnom Penh. It's not known yet what caused his

death but police said they suspected he had died from an illness.

AUGUST 19: A murder suspect has been sent for trial at the municipal court

in Phnom Penh after being on the run since 1997. Thuon Thel, 40, who already has

one conviction for a murder committed in 1993, is accused of another killing during

a robbery five years ago.

AUGUST 19: A motodup driver, Moeung Sophal, 56, was murdered and his body

dumped in a canal near National Highway 3 in Prey Nop district, Sihanoukville. Police

said Sophal, from Kampot province, was stabbed in the neck and chest by his passenger

who then escaped on the victim's motorbike.

AUGUST 19: A 32-year-old woman, Ho Eng, was found dead at a canal in Kampong

Ampil village, Sangke district, Battambang. Police said she was raped and strangled

after leaving home to collect firewood in a nearby forest. Police said they were

looking for her husband, Yee Chea, in connection with the case. He had left his wife

five months ago after discovering she was having an extra-marital affair.

AUGUST 20: Three men, Sum Nak, 23, Rinh Ruot, 20, and Sith Ra, 29, were

arrested in connection with a robbery and murder committed a week earlier in Kauk

Kabas village, Oddar Meanchey. Police said they were detained following the death

of Hul Savy, 64, a deputy director of Banteay Chhmar primary school. It's alleged

the three killed Hul, a part-time motodup driver, in order to steal his motorbike.

AUGUST 20: An unidentified 36-year-old man was axed to death after he attempted

a night-time robbery in Koh Klaut village, Kampot. Police said the man demanded money

and gold jewelry from the inhabitants of a house in the village. He also attempted

to rape Touch Khan, 36. Her son, aged 14, then attacked the thief, chopping him nine

times and killing him.

AUGUST 21: Kan Darin, 36, a motodup driver, died in hospital after he was

shot four times during a robbery in Trapaing Chombak village, Kampong Thom. Police

are looking for the two men who killed him and took his bike.

AUGUST 21: Som Saran, 39, died on the way to hospital after he was shot

in the chest while discussing the engagement of his daughter in Samrong village,

Kampong Cham. Police said his 19-year-old daughter was also shot and later died at

Calmette Hospital in Phnom Penh.

AUGUST 21: Chhai Liap, 23, was sent to hospital for treatment after she

suddenly lost consciousness in front of the Royal Palace in Phnom Penh. The girl

told police she had tried to poison herself as her mother was pressuring her to marry

a man she disliked.

AUGUST 22: Mat Sreng, 35, was sent to Calmette Hospital for treatment after

he attempted to kill himself at Chraing Chamras commune, on the outskirts of Phnom

Penh. Police said the man took 30 quinine tablets after an argument with his wife.

AUGUST 22: A 22-year-old woman, Sambat Pen, died instantly after receiving

massive head injuries in a traffic accident on Route 6 in Thnal Bek village, Kampong

Thom. Police said she was hit from behind by a gasoline truck while riding a bicycle.

The truck driver abandoned his vehicle at the scene and ran away. His truck, which

belongs to Sokimex oil company, was impounded by police.

AUGUST 23: Prum Voeun, 50, a disabled man, was found hanged in a coffee

shop toilet in Phuom Pi village, Sihanoukville. Police said the man, who came from

Ta Kum village, Takeo, killed himself because he was depressed about his poor health.

AUGUST 24: Laim Kieng, 63, a motorcycle taxi-driver, was rescued from the

Bassac River after he attempted to commit suicide by jumping from the Monivong Bridge

in Phnom Penh. Police said Kieng jumped from the bridge as he was distraught following

the theft of his motorbike.

AUGUST 24: Police arrested Khay Sokleng, 28, a mechanic, after he attacked

his friend during a drinking quarrel at 6 pm in Veal Vong commune, Phnom Penh. Police

said Sokleng, who was drunk, picked up a hammer from a car garage and hit fellow

mechanic La Ny, 24, eight times on the head. Ny was sent to Calmette Hospital for


AUGUST 25: Lim Sreng, 41, a gold seller, was sent to Calmette Hospital

after being shot and severely wounded during a robbery at 6:10 am in Thmei village,

Barai district, Kampong Thom. Police said two unknown men armed with a K-59 handgun

blocked the path of Sreng's motorbike and shot him in the stomach and arm, before

stealing his bag containing $20,000.

- Translated from Khmer newspapers Koh Santepheap and Rasmei Kampuchea by Aun



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