Police Blotter: 8 December 2000

Police Blotter: 8 December 2000



November 23: Som Sokha, 33, was chopped and severely injured in a robbery

at 8:30 pm in Kak precinct, Toul Kok district, Phnom Penh. Police said the victim

was chopped on the right temple with an ax by two unknown men who attempted to steal

R100,000. Tep Mao, 37, husband of the victim, was arrested because he was accused

of conspiring with the robbers.

November 23: A 13-year-old teenage girl was raped at midnight in her cottage

in Kraing Thnong village, Bati district, Takeo. The victim's mother reported to police

that a knife was held to her throat and she was ordered to watch while her daughter

was raped by a 26-year-old man who remains at large.

November 23: Ngun Hip, 48, a Vietnamese, was gunned down by two unknown

persons at midnight in Psah Chas village, Kampong Cham. Police said the death was

possibly linked to an argument with a friend over a motorbike the two had taken to

sell in Vietnam.

November 24: A 46-year-old man, Sok Sao, was found floating in a river

in Prek Duong village, Ksach Kandal district, Kandal. A neighbor reported that the

victim had possibly drowned while he was washing his face after returning from drinking

alcohol at his home nearby.

November 24: Phuon Khoeun, 19, was knifed to death in a quarrel in the

morning in Damnak Ksan village, Sampoeu Loon district, Battambang. Police said the

victim was stabbed once in the chest by his 23-year-old estranged wife, Chheun Sar,

due to her anger of Khoeun's theft of 500 baht from her. Khoeun died instantly, while

Sar was arrested after she tried to escape to another village.

November 25: Som Kompheak, 18, died in Preah Ketomialea Hospital from wounds

incurred in a beating that followed a quarrel on the evening of Nov 24 in Santhor

Mouk precinct, Toul Kok district, Phnom Penh. Police said that Kompheak, a car mechanic,

was struck in the head from behind with a steel pipe by his friend, Thea, whom he

had argued with about money.

November 25: Nou Noeun, a police colonel, was shot and severely wounded

at midnight on Russian Federation Blvd in Toa Pi precinct, Toul Kok district, Phnom

Penh. Police said the victim was attacked by patrol police after he fired several

shots in the air and then attempted to flee the scene in his Toyota Camry.

November 25: A 20-year-old unidentified man was killed and his body dropped

near a canal in Som Rong village, Bati district, Takeo. Police said the victim had

died of massive head injuries inflicted with a steel bar.

November 26: A six-year-old girl, Phoeung Mouly, died instantly when struck

by a car while crossing National Road 5 in Veal Tria village, Battambang, at 3.30

pm. The driver of the car fled the scene on foot.

November 27: Two suspected robbers, Leng Tren, 37, and Rith, 32, were gunned

down at 2:30 pm in Ron village, Battambang. District Military Police Deputy Commander

Muy Salidh said the offenders, accused of committing a murder/robbery two months

earlier, were killed by police after they exchanged fire while trying to escape.

November 27: Sum Phanith, 18, was killed and his body dropped in a canal

in O Da village, Barai district, Kampong Thom. Police said the victim, who was kidnapped

10 days earlier by two gunmen who had demanded $4000 ransom, was found with his feet

and hands tied. Police said the death might also have been a revenge attack against

Phanith's father, Som Sash, owner of the GAT timber factory, who has been accused

of unfairly firing workers.

November 28: Nuot Satia, 18, and Ouk Chomnang, 20, were arrested and severely

beaten after they attempted to steal jewelry at 3:20 pm on Street 53 in Psah Thmei

1 precinct, Phnom Penh. Police said the pickpockets were pushed down from their motorbike

after picking up 2 chi of platinum necklace from Mom Sokunmaly, 23.

November 28: Buot Dan was shot dead at 8am by criminal police after he

was freed from prison in the provincial capital of Kratie. Police said that a moto-taxi

driver was also severely wounded in the shooting. Buot Dan was allegedly a member

of the shadowy Khmer Serey insurgency movement in Sambo District.

November 28: Laun Dy, 31, a farmer, was shot and seriously wounded at 7:30

pm in Lek Buon village, Koh Thom district, Kandal. Police said the victim, who died

after being sent to a district hospital, was shot once in the waist with an AK-47

by an unidentified man. Police said revenge was suspected as a motive for the killing.

November 29: Soy Pich, 25, was gunned down at 9:30pm in Prek Maha Tep village,

Battambang. Police said the victim, a karaoke employee from Phnom Penh, was shot

in the head by two gunmen. Police said jealousy was suspected as the motive for the

killing because Pich had recently refused the romantic advances of a man.

November 29: A 20-year-old girl was raped at 8:30 am in Svay Por village,

Battambang. Police said the victim, who came from Kampong Chomlang village, Ponhea

Leu district, Kandal province, was lured by her attacker with promises of a job in

Thailand. The alleged rapist, Long Sakada, 38, believed to be a bodyguard of the

Prime Minister, Samdech Hun Sen, was arrested later.

November 30: Lash Thethrama, 39, was arrested for theft said to have been

committed four months earlier in Phnom Penh. Police said the capture came after Sou

Dara complained to the court that Thethrama had absconded with $34,700 intended to

bribe authorities to get legal right to a fishing lot in Koh Sotin district, Kampong

Cham, but had kept the bribe money and run away.

November 30: A British national was found dead at 1:30 pm in a room in

the Chhat Slish guest-house, Sihanoukville. Police said the victim was found with

black marks around the eyes and possibly died from a narcotics overdose.

December 1: A 20-year-old unidentified girl was found floating in a fishing

net in a river at 9:30 am in front of a park in Takhmau district, Kandal province.

Police said the victim possibly committed suicide because a woman had jumped from

Monivong bridge two days earlier.

December 1: Seng Sokun, 31, a woman teacher, died instantly and five passengers

were injured in an accident at noon on National Road 5 in Chedey Thmey village, Kandal.

Traffic police said the victims, on a moto remorque parked at the edge of the road,

were hit from behind by a tourist's car. The car's driver fled the scene on foot.

December 1: A five-year-old girl, Heng Srenghuoy, was found dead in a well

located in a neighbor's house in Svay Loeu village, Koh Thom district, Kandal. The

cause of death was not known, but police said the victim, who was a daughter of local

militia leader Tieng Heng, possibly drowned after falling into the well accidentally.

December 3: Chea Pha, 20, was murdered by an angry mob after a motorbike

was stolen in the morning in Trapaing Nop village, Kandal. Police said. The man was

apprehended and killed instantly with long sticks by householders after a moto-taxi

driver asked for help after he had been chopped with a big knife.

December 3: A 37-year-old moto-taxi driver, Prak Vanna, was arrested at

noon after a K-59 handgun was found in his pocket while he was riding a motorbike

on Street 84 in Srah Chak commune, Phnom Penh. Vanna allegedly confessed to police

that he had just bought the gun for R320,000 to kill his wife because she was having

an extramarital affair. He said he had received information that she was having sex

in a guest-house, but he could not find them.


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