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Police Blotter: 8 October 2004

Police Blotter: 8 October 2004


SEPTEMBER 23: Two gunmen escaped after a robbery attempt at 4:10 pm in Trapaing

Chhouk village, Phnom Penh. Police said the robbers shot a man with a K-59 handgun

while trying to steal his money bag when he was driving a car containing money for

the Hong Huot company where he worked as an accountant. Chea Cheam, 37, was shot

in the chest and went to Visal Sok clinic for surgery.

SEPTEMBER 23: A motodop driver, Toi Tha, 43, was sent to Preah Kossamak hospital

for surgery after being shot in a robbery at 6:45 pm in Teuk Thla commune, Phnom

Penh. Tha said two passengers shot him in the waist and escaped on his bike after

he refused to stop on the way to Vongkut Borei pagoda where they planned to get off.

SEPTEMBER 23: Leang Hy, 24, a motodop driver, was sent to the NGO Emergency

hospital for treatment after being knifed during a robbery at 9:30 pm in O'Char village,

Battambang province. A witness said he was stabbed in the chest and cut in the throat

by his passenger who escaped on his bike.

SEPTEMBER 25: Two people died after being struck by lightning during a storm

at 8 am while driving a motorbike to their construction site in Sarikakeo village,

Kampong Speu province. Police said Than Chanthoeun, 23, and Phan Thim, 28, were struck

by lightning and died on the scene. Seng Chantha, 37, another worker, was also struck

and he later died at a hospital.

SEPTEMBER 25: Lim Kach Heng, 24, a garment worker, was fatally gunned down

during a nighttime dancing argument when celebrating a one year funeral ceremony

for her father in Pur Ban village, Kandal province. Police said she was shot in the

mouth with an AK-47 after trying to stop two groups arguing at the dance. Roeun Tona,

14, was also shot dead during the attack.

SEPTEMBER 26: The body of a motodop driver, Nget Sokly, 37, was found in a

canal a day after going missing in Prey Tonloap village, Kandal province. Police

said the murder was probably involved with a robbery as his motorbike had been stolen.

However, Nuon Sokly suspects revenge was the motive because her husband had recently

argued with a male neighbor.

SEPTEMBER 26: A construction worker, Sak Bo, 20, was arrested by his victim

and later handed over to police after a night-time robbery in Chatomuk precinct,

Phnom Penh. Police said Bo attempted to kill another worker for stealing a bicycle.

Chea Lan, 26, was sent to hospital for treatment with massive head injuries received

while trying to resist Bo at a construction site.

SEPTEMBER 26: Two orphan children, An Sokchea, 12, and his brother, An Soklay,

10, were found floating, locked in an embrace in a stream in Kampong Thom province.

Hem An said his grandchildren probably drowned while swimming the previous afternoon.

He said the death was probably linked with a dream because the younger brother had

told him before he died, that the soul of his mother would come to bring them to

stay with her.

SEPTEMBER 27: Police arrested an American national, Samuel Fleming, 46, after

he committed violence at 4:30 pm in Chatomuk precinct, Phnom Penh. Police said Fleming

struck the head of a 7-year-old girl with a chain after she begged money when he

sent his dog into a park for urination . Fleming was later freed after he paid $350

to the girl's mother for medical treatment.

SEPTEMBER 28: Sen Yom, 31, was arrested and later jailed for one year after

being accused of cheating in Prek Pra village, Phnom Penh. Police said the widow

with six children cheated $5,000 from two men, El Sary and Sop Yusos over a lengthy

period. The court ordered her to pay $2,500 to the men and then she would be freed.

The woman refused to pay it back because she said the men gave it to her to buy her


SEPTEMBER 28: Samart Sovanna, 28, was sent to Calmette Hospital for surgery

after being shot at around 8 pm at a terrace of the Royal Fine Arts University in

Srah Chak precinct, Phnom Penh. Nguon Samart told police his son had received an

anonymous phone call to come to get money. A group of five gangsters attacked him

with a gun and sticks when he arrived. Nun Luch, 33, a music trainer at the university,

was arrested for questioning because he had recently argued with Sovanna over a girlfriend.

SEPTEMBER 28: A policeman, Him Seangly, 36, was shot in the leg while driving

a motorbike at midnight on Kampuchea Krom Boulevard in Monorom precinct, Phnom Penh.

Seangly said two unknown civilian men fired three times at him then escaped on a

motorbike. Police suspect revenge was the motivation because they ran away empty-handed

after the shooting.

SEPTEMBER 29: Pau Sophay, 20, was sent to Calmette Hospital for medical treatment

after being knifed while talking with his friends at 7 pm in Prek Thmey village,

Koh Thom district, Kandal. His friend told police Sophay was chopped once in the

head with a heavy knife by two unknown men who then escaped on a motorbike. The reason

was not known.

SEPTEMBER 29: Svay Chanthau, 33, a junior primary school teacher, was found

dead in the morning at a pond in Paing Nar village, Kampong Speu province. Police

said Chanthau was tied up by the arms and strangled, probably while working part-time

as a motodop driver the previous night. Police suspect the murder was linked with

a robbery as his stolen motorbike.

SEPTEMBER 29: At least 43 passengers were injured during an accident at 1:15

pm while riding in a bus on National Road 5 in Chamkar Svay village, Kampong Chhnang

province. Police said the bus ran off the road and overturned while driving from

Sisophon to Phnom Penh during heavy rain.

SEPTEMBER 30: Police arrested a suspected robber, Eng Chuon, 25, and his accomplice

after a motodop driver shouted for help at 8:50 pm in Meanchey village, Phnom Penh.

Yin Bunthoeun told police the robbers hit him on the head with a rock and attempted

to steal his bike.

SEPTEMBER 30: A robber killed a motodop driver and escaped on a stolen motorbike

at 8:50 pm in Trapaing Snoul village, Kampong Speu province. Police said the robber

attacked San Savin, 34, with a knife while giving a ride from Prey Tateung village

to Pich Mony commune where he planned to get off. An eye witness said Savin was stabbed

several times in the neck and died instantly.

SEPTEMBER 30: Mao Nang, 27, was found dead in Beng village, Kampong Thom province.

Police said Nang died from massive head injuries after he was struck with a stick

elsewhere and his body dropped there. Police suspect revenge was the reason of the

murder because Nang recently came to the police station and complained that someone

had attempted to kill him.

- Translated from Khmer newspapers Koh Santepheap and Rasmei Kampuchea by Aun



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