Cambodia and Japan seek to strengthen their bilateral ties, marking the 70th anniversary of diplomatic relations between the two nations. In the past fortnight, the Japanese embassy in Phnom Penh, along with relevant institutions, commemorated this milestone. 

A recent forum, held at the Royal Academy of Cambodia, delved into discussions surrounding the longstanding relationship, while a spectacular fireworks display illuminated the riverbank on the evening of November 19.

At the breathtaking display, Phnom Penh governor Khuon Sreng expressed gratitude for Japan's substantial support to Cambodia through diverse assistance programmes. 

Sreng specifically acknowledged Japan's assistance in numerous physical infrastructure projects within Phnom Penh. These projects include flood protection and drainage system improvements across multiple phases, the construction of the Choeung Ek wastewater treatment plant, initiatives to enhance fire fighting capabilities with the provision of fire trucks, the development of a traffic management system as well as contributions to education and health projects.

"The presentation of this fireworks extravaganza marking the 70th anniversary of Cambodian-Japanese diplomatic ties is more than a celebration. It represents a fresh opportunity for in-depth exploration and the fortification of cooperation, friendship and solidarity between our two nations. The spirit of providing mutual support and assistance across all fields underscores the significance of this event," he said.

Sreng emphasised that this occasion significantly enhances the comprehensive strategic cooperation between Cambodia and Japan, making it more effective and fruitful.

During the event, Atsushi Ueno, the Japanese ambassador to Cambodia, stated that the commemoration of the 70th anniversary of Cambodia-Japan diplomatic relations aims not only to celebrate government-to-government ties but also to fortify the relationship between Japanese private companies and organisations, fostering even greater strength.

"Today truly exemplifies the comprehensive strategic partnership between Cambodia and Japan; may this relationship grow even more robust," he remarked.

The two nations initiated bilateral diplomatic relations on January 9, 1953. Over the past 70 years, their cooperation and sister-city connections have flourished across various realms, culminating in the elevation of bilateral cooperation to a Comprehensive Strategic Partnership in 2023.