The new 2020 model of the Mazda BT-50 Eclipse is returning with a new generation vehicle wearing a more muscular and aggressive exterior.

It is an uncompromising rugged dual cabin pick-up, but the styling, performance and interior represent a new level of comfort and drive-ability. The new BT-50 Eclipse is ‘taking the pick up new places’.

The new styling on the BT-50 Eclipse makes a bold statement with the front end still sporting the signature Mazda five point grille, the boomerang headlights with halogen bulbs are dynamic and look like they would not be out of place on a sporty sedan.

The wedge shape of the vehicle profile marks a revolutionary approach to pick-up architecture, sporting dynamic prominent fenders and a more aerodynamic body shape.

The rear lights are horizontally aligned and clearly differentiate the rear end from other pick-ups in the dual cabin segment.

Other new additions to the BT-50 Eclipse exterior include day time LED running lights and the new sports bar adds even more sport credibility to the aesthetic of the BT-50. Scuff plate and stylish decal graphics round out the new exterior look on the BT-50 Eclipse.

Mazda are pitching the BT-50 Eclipse dual cabin pick-up as an ‘active lifestyle vehicle’. Offering a way to integrate work and leisure without having to purchase multiple vehicles.

The dual cabin provides ample interior space to carry friends, family, or colleagues in relaxing comfort. Load capacity in the BT-50 Eclipse is still high, something Mazda claim makes the vehicle the ‘perfect partner for both leisure activities and work’.

Under the bonnet the Mazda gives kudos to its rugged and sporty performance capability. The BT-50 Eclipse boasts a 3.2litre In Line cylinder 20 valve DOHC intercooler Diesel turbo with a six speed transmission and fuel consumption levels at 8.9litres per 100km.

The dual cabin allows for spacious legroom, making it more practical for families when it comes to moving children or the elderly in and out of the vehicle. Comfort gets a big boost in the 2020 BT-50 Eclipse, upscale materials lend a more exclusive ambience to the vehicle, and the technology offers plenty for owners.

Dual zone temperature controls with in dial temperature display allow for a very well serviced interior in terms of temperature control. Leather seats give the driver and passengers a very luxurious ride. For the driver there is a self dimming rear view mirrors, audio controls and cruise controls are presented ergonomically on the steering wheel allowing the driver to control with ease.

In terms of infotainment and audio technology the BT-50 Eclipse is equipped with audio system and radio, AM/FM radio, CD player, MP3 compatibility is complimented with Audio Aux and USB, as well as voice recognition and Bluetooth connectivity.

Last but not least is the safety equipment and systems that the new 2020 Mazda BT-50 Eclipse has in spades.

From features like anti-lock braking system (ABS) through to Load Adaptive Control (LAC). LAC is a system that allows and accounts for uneven loads. LAC adjusts the electronic stability control and can ensure control and stability whether the vehicle is fully loaded or empty.

In addition to the LAC, the BT-50 Eclipse has a multitude of mitigation and electronic protections that provide the driver with unprecedented feedback and control, ultimately resulting in a more comfortable, safer and more controlled drive.

With regard to airbags the BT-50 Eclipse it is replete with driver and passenger side front airbags, as well as the curtain and side airbags that ensure that the driver and passengers are safer than ever should a collision occur.

With its updated new exterior aesthetic and leather seating, as well as its safety and performance, the Mazda BT-50 Eclipse remains a popular stalwart in the dual cabin pick-up segment.

For those looking for higher levels of comfort, luxury, styling and performance the Mazda BT-50 Eclipse represents good value for money in a well made and thoughtful dual cabin pick-up. ​