Drive into 2019 with Post Auto

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Drive into 2019 with Post Auto

It is a fact that after the home, a car is possibly the most expensive purchase a family or individual will make. But what brand and model of new car would a potential purchaser buy? What presents the best deal? How about the warranty period, after sales service, parts and insurance?

Post Auto will cover all of these and more. It is the one-stop pullout for motoring enthusiasts and anyone considering buying a new car. It will highlight the vehicle’s build quality such as the chassis, engine, design, fuel economy, and safety features among others.

This supplement is focused on informing our readers about new vehicle offerings. Coverage will include news of 2019 model releases together with pictures to gain interest from motoring enthusiasts and new car buyers.

Within the pages of Post Auto will be related news to help readers stay abreast of automotive technology and developments, and help them make the right decision when purchasing a new vehicle in 2019.

We will also have interesting articles on the future of the automotive sector in Cambodia. Industry professionals will have the opportunity to be interviewed on their views and offer guidance in regards to the new and pre-owned vehicle market, new regulations affecting the automotive sector and related subjects.

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The commercial vehicle market will not be ignored either. Similar articles and the introduction of commercial and heavy vehicles for the growing Cambodian economy will also be a mainstay.

With Post Auto, we are confident that your news and product offerings and model variants will become familiar with those in the market for a new vehicle. It will expand your potential customers’ mindset and offers him more choices to choose from.

We kick-start Post Auto this month with keyless entry to a four-page pullout on Nissan’s latest vehicle offerings in the Kingdom.

In March, we will double-clutch our way to an even bigger auto review, so stay tuned to Post Auto for all the latest news and information in the automotive sector.

You cannot go wrong with Post Auto as there is nothing like it in Cambodia.