Toyota head in to the new year with a fantastic celebration. First produced in 1968 the Toyota Hilux is turning fifty.

The original Hilux was built as a two door pick-up and was sold in the light commercial vehicle segment. Much has changed over fifty years though, and to mark this anniversary Toyota have the grunty, aggressive and dual cabin pick up, the Toyota 4X4 Hilux Revo Rally.

New styling and sporty extras, as well as a refined interior and a responsive dynamic diesel engine define the Hilux Revo Rally as a top of the range model in the Hilux stable.

Throughout the eight generations of the Hilux model it has earned a reputation as a rugged, reliable, and trusted pick up. In its double cabin manifestation, the Hilux lends it’s reliable hardworking credentials to a vehicle that can comfortably traverse off road driving but can do so with the whole family, in comfort, then continue the experience with a smooth as silk experience on road.

Under the hood the Hilux Revo Rally has a 2.8 Litre Diesel engine with a 6 speed automatic transmission, but what really shines in this model are all the added extras.

Safety features abound in the Hilux Revo Rally, features such as the Anti-Lock braking system s to help the driver control the vehicle when skidding. to prevent wheel spin the Active traction control kicks in whenever it senses the lack of traction. 9 SRS airbags mean that all passengers in the five seat Hilux Revo Rally are provided with peace of mind.

These are only three of the multitude of safety features that Toyota have incorporated in to the 2019 Hilux Revo Rally.

Far from making the Hilux Revo Rally all about the luxurious interior, the vehicle still stays true to its commercial heritage, a large tray allows for ample storage and the ability to use the vehicle for just about anything from a holiday to transporting livestock feed.

In fact all models across the Hilux range can carry 1000kgs in the tray, and are capable of towing up to 3000kgs. But anti theft measures, all leather interior mod-cons like in dash screen, as well as the choice of eight different colours, all mean that the Hilux Revo Rally really sits higher in the double cabin pick up segment than the pricing would lead on.

The iconic pick up’s four wheel drive credentials are lifted by the Hilux Revo Rally’s high clearance, making the added extra side step a very welcome addition.

The Hilux Revo Rally is sold with many great added extras, from safety features to infotainment.

It represents good value for the mid range pick up double cabin segment, and with the great tried and tested reputation that the Hilux has earned, vehicle owners can be sure that the Toyota Hilux Revo Rally will continue serving you long in to the future, as well as continuing the mighty Hilux legacy of its predecessors. The Toyota Hilux Revo Rally goes beyond toughness.