The Australian International School Phnom Penh (AISPP) has launched the Career-related Programme (CP), the fourth International Baccalaureate (IB) programme, in partnership with world-leading universities.

AISPP recognises that every child is an individual and that no single programme or pathway will ever fit all students.

AISPP is the only school in Cambodia to offer the CP as an alternate, more specialised pathway, for students who know what they are interested in and are ready to start while still in high school.

Recognising the need to continue personalised learning right through to graduation, AISPP has built solid partnerships with three prestigious world-class universities.

The partnerships are with the Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD) and Embry Riddle Aeronautical University (ERAU) in the US, and the Sustainability Management School (SUMAS) in Switzerland, all of which have students begin their university studies while finishing their high school programme.

For the first time in Cambodia, students have the choice to embark on dual enrolment programmes – learning in high school classes with their peers, and concurrently online with university students elsewhere in the world.

Joining first-year university students through the universities’ online platforms, CP students spend approximately 50 per cent of their time in lectures and seminars with some of the world’s leading professors.

By selecting the appropriate courses and maintaining a good grade point average (GPA), students complete up to a year of university studies during Years 11 and 12 – saving them a whole year of study time and their parents as much as $50,000 in university fees and living expenses.

The Australian international school has partnered with three world-class universities. SUPPLIED

For students heading for careers in all areas of art and design (Graphic Design, User Experience, Industrial Design, Fine Art, Fashion Design, Advertising & Marketing), SCAD offers a unique opportunity.

In a recent article in Forbes magazine, SCAD students were cited as being “uniquely positioned to shape the way that creative industries function in decades to come”.

Students interested in pursuing careers in the fields of business, hospitality or fashion can sign up with the cutting edge programme focusing on sustainability and business through SUMAS.

SUMAS focuses on giving students experiences in leadership with a strong foundation in sustainability before completing real-life projects in their chosen field.

Students who complete the CP at AISPP can have fast-track admission to SUMAS for university study with scholarship opportunities of up to 50 per cent off tuition.

Embry Riddle is ranked as the top aviation university in the world, and was recently rated as the world’s best online education provider, offering programmes in Aeronautical Engineering, Aviation and Aviation Business.

With a predicted shortfall of 300,000 aviation workers over the next 10 years, this is an industry with huge potential for today’s students.

For students interested in pursuing this pathway, AISPP is offering scholarship opportunities to all applicants signing up for the 2022-2023 school year.

AISPP is offering scholarship opportunities for the 2022-2023 school year. SUPPLIED

For more information on these exciting courses, please contact:

Jacob Evans, Career-related Programme Coordinator.

Email: [email protected].

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Admissions Office:

Tel: +855 (0) 92 111 136 / 15 729 007.

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About the Australian International School Phnom Penh:

The Australian International School Phnom Penh is the only Australian international school in Cambodia, offering high-quality education following the Australian Curriculum and the globally recognised International Baccalaureate (IB) programmes. AISPP is the only IB World School in Cambodia to offer all four IB programmes, is a proud member of the Australian International Schools Association (AISA), and a global partner with the Association of Independent Schools of New South Wales (AISNSW).