A pioneer in the skincare and beauty field for more than two decades, UAS Pharmaceuticals Pty Ltd has ratcheted up its use of technology to further increase market share.

The Australian made brand boasts a leading presence in more than 20 countries globally from Southeast Asia and India, to the Middle East and the US.

Established in 2000, this year also marked the 20th anniversary of UAS Pharmaceuticals operating in the Kingdom, and celebrates these milestones by continuing to deploy new initiatives to keep up with growing industry and consumer demand.

Riding a wave of success in Cambodia over recent years, UAS Pharmaceuticals has focused on using social media and a range of digital, information technology and mobile platforms to drive the growth of its leading aesthetic and dermatological brands as part of its present and future market expansion plans.

“UAS Pharmaceuticals set up a representative office in Cambodia two decades ago because after seeing the potential demand for quality affordable aesthetic and skincare products. In those days the market was dominated mostly by imported products that, apart from being a premium price, were not too suitable for local skin types and conditions.

“While the market in Cambodia was promising, we also had certain challenges to overcome, as well as a lack of infrastructure development in the country,” business manager Konduru Muralidhar Varma told The Post.

Konduru Muralidhar Varma (left) and Mohd Momen Bin Abdul Aziz. Photo supplied

Head of digital marketing Mohd Momen Bin Abdul Aziz said further embracing the digital sphere was “the next logical step”.

“Digital communication, social media and delivery platforms represent the next market frontier to drive business growth and market expansion.

“For us, planning and adopting initiatives driven by the digital sphere is the next logical step that we have to take in order to advance our business further. After all, digital and mobile connectivity have become a substantial part of everyday life in Cambodia and in all markets around the world.

“At present, we are not just using our conventional, digital and social media channels to communicate and engage our customers, we have also established partnerships with digital delivery service providers such as La Rue and Food Panda in our efforts to improve the retail and logistics aspects of our business,” he said.

‘Highest quality products’

Muralidhar said that while businesses across many sectors are currently facing uncertainty, UAS Pharmaceutical’s decision to step up efforts has already started to pay dividends.

The marketing and sales team of UAS Pharmaceuticals Cambodia has expanded. Photo supplied

“We initially projected 10 per cent growth from sales secured through the digital platform.

“However, due to a rising trend in consumer preference towards conducting purchases digitally from home during the Covid-19 pandemic, we managed to double sales to 20 per cent,” he said.

The business manager said that with an established presence in Cambodia offering a diverse portfolio of more than 80 aesthetic, dermatology, dental and medical therapeutic products, UAS Pharmaceuticals has come a long way in meeting its aspiration of becoming a globally recognised brand in the skincare and beauty sector.

Despite having ventured into different therapeutic categories over the years, the company is still best known for its comprehensive range of beauty and skincare products, he added, while its Dermavive, Dermqure, Neutriderm and Sunstop brands have been recommended widely by beauticians, cosmetologists and dermatologists throughout the Kingdom.

“Our origin as an ethical pharmaceutical company has inspired us to deliver product brands with purpose in mind that have been specifically created to solving the needs of both users and industry professionals – meaning products made to the highest standards that are gentle to the skin, easy to apply and affordable enough to be purchased for repeated use.

“Furthermore, since our products are safely formulated, clinically tested and produced using non-toxic ingredients in Australia for application in diverse climatic conditions and on a variety of contrasting skin types, this provides our customers with confidence and absolute peace of mind,” Muralidhar said.