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Answer Feb 19, 2009

Answer Feb 19, 2009

Answer for Thursday 19 February.

Reading comprehension

1. In general, Cambodia's economy seems to

    b) exposed to the economic crisis.

2. THe World Bank suggests that Cambodia

    a) diversify its economy.

3. According to the article, the strongest sector of Cambodia's economy is

    c) the agricultural sector (note that this is implicit rather than explicit in the article.)

4. How many Cambodian banks are a "major concern" to the World Bank?

   b) Two

5. The World Bank may ________ its growth predictions for Cambodia.

    b) Downgrade

Listen and answer the following questions

1. The three documentary movies on food were mainly concerned with

    c). the dangers of modern food.
2. The government agencies which regulate food production are

    b). are often infiltrated by the food industry itself.

3. In developed countries most food is produced by

    b). only by private companies

4. The "slow food" movement is very strong in

    b). Italy

Listening Comprehension

Choose the one word or phrase that completes the sentence correctly.

TOEFL tester

1. America's first globe maker was Michael Wilson who ____ in early life.

    b) had been a farmer in early life

2. Napoleon ______ Russia in 1812.

    a) attacked Russia in 1812.

3. Not only knowledge and skills, but also attitudes ____ in shool for students' future adjustment to society.

    d) need to be cultivated in school for students’ future adjustment to society.

4. On Mercator's map, the far northern and southern polar regions are ____ .

    a) greatly exaggerated in area.

5. On the slope of the mountain ______ the ruin of a gigantic tree.

    b) lies the ruin of a gigantic tree.

6. ______  in Shanghai than in any other Chinese city.

    a) More people live in Shanghai than in any other Chinese city.

7. The Earth spins on its axis and _____ almost 24 hours for a complete rotation.

    d) needs almost 24 hours for a complete rotation.

8. ______ on the environment to satisfy its needs.

    b) Every organism depends on the environment to satisfy its needs.

9. Of Dickens' many novels, Great Expectations is perhaps _______ to many readers.

    a) the most satisfying one to many readers.

10. It is Earth's gravity that ________ people their weight.

    a) gives people their weight.
11. Generally speaking, people should have _______ as they desire.

    b) as much education as they desire.

12. A dolphin six ______ length can move as fast as most ships.

    b) feet in length can move as fast as most ships.


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