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Answer Feb 26, 2009

Answer Feb 26, 2009

Answer for Thursday 19 February.

Reading comprehension

1.  The French and British leaders called for

   a) a continuation of the present financial system.

2.  What surprises the author of the article?

   a) That people so readily abandon free-market ideology in the

       face of the financial crisis.

3.  The author of the article fears that

   c) the potential for change in values will be co-opted by the old business values.

4.  The article notes that French society perhaps

   b) already shows how we can build a society with new values.

5.  The author thinks that if people were really concerned about moral values

   c) they would stop buying expensive designer clothes.

Listen and answer the following questions

1.  The article says that

   c) it is possible to get some chemical preservatives out of food.
2.  Government efforts to eliminate dangerous chemicals from food go back

   c) at least 10 years.

3.  The survey found that

   d) about one-half of vendors sold contaminated food.

4.  The most severe result of eating chemically treated food might be

   d) cancer.

Listening Comprehension

Error Identification: Identify the one word or phrase that must be changed for the sentence to be correct.

TOEFL tester

1. Aspirin is (A)recommend to (B)many people for (C)its ability (D)to thin the blood.

2. Some people (A)believe that human beings will never (B)use away all (C)the natural resources (D)on earth.

3. (A)Cotton used (B)to rank first (C)between Alabama's crops, but (D)it no longer does.

4. To (A)building their (B)nests, tailorbirds use (C)their bills (D)as needles.

5. Fountain pens (A)first became (B)commercial available (C)about 100 years (D)ago.

6. (A)Male guppies, (B)like many other male fish, (C)are more (D)color than females.

7. Drug addiction (A)has resulted (B)of many (C)destroyed careers and (D)expulsions from school.

8. (A)Fertilize farmland is (B)one of the (C)biggest natural resources (D)in the country.

9. A jellyfish, which (A)isn't really (B)a fish, (C)it has no brain, no (D)bones and no face.

10. (A)Until diamonds are (B)cut and polished, they just (C)like look  blue-grey (D)stones.

11. Laser technology (A)is the heart of (B)a new (C)generation of high-speed copiers and (D)printer.

12. (A)When rhinos take mud baths, (B)the mud (C)create a barrier to (D)biting Insects.

1. A  2. B  3. C  4. A  5. B  6. C  7. B  8. A 9. C  10. C  11. D  12. C

John had been ATTENDING university ever SINCE his eighteenth birthday. But as graduation APPROACHED, he still hadn't either a job OR a girlfriend. He felt lost; and his parents, ESPECIALLY his mother, WERE worried about his future.

Salvation ARRIVED when his accounting professor introduced him to a certain Mr Hatfield AT the telephone company. The company needed A trainee accountant at ITS head office. HAVING BEEN introduced by his professor, a friend of Mr Hatfield, John EASILY passed his interview and was hired UPON graduation.


  • Crumbling prices, rent ruffle condo segment

    The prolonged decline in international arrivals to Cambodia intensified by renewed Covid-19 fears has driven down condominium sales prices and rental rates in Phnom Penh, a research report said. CBRE Cambodia, the local affiliate of US commercial real estate services and investment firm CBRE Group

  • Over $3M in traffic fines collected in two months

    Traffic police officers collected over $3 million in fines throughout the Kingdom during the past two months when officers strictly enforced the law in accordance with a May sub-decree, officials said. As incentives, law enforcement officers received between 200,000 and two million riel ($50 to $500) each. The figures

  • More than 10,000 workers suspended

    More than 10,000 workers at 18 factories in Svay Rieng province have been suspended because of Covid-19, said provincial deputy governor Ros Pharith. Home to 11 special economic zones, Pharith said Svay Rieng has not been spared as the pandemic takes a toll on the global economy. “There

  • Nod given for school exams

    The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport announced that State-run higher educational institutions can hold examinations to end the academic year, while private schools can organise grade 9 and grade 12 examinations at their premises for two days. However, private institutions have to take measures to prevent

  • Oz lauds Kingdom’s passage of money laundering laws

    In a press release published by the Australian embassy in Phnom Penh on Monday, the country applauded Cambodia’s stance on transnational crimes as well as its promulgation of an anti-money laundering law and a law on combating proliferation financing. The praise came after King

  • Lotus face masks designed to cover globe

    A French designer in Cambodia has produced ecological face masks from lotus fibre to supply local and international markets with an eye on preserving ancestral techniques and supporting Cambodian women in rural communities. During a trip to Asia, Awen Delaval, an eco-friendly fashion designer, was

  • Accused not treated equally, says CCHR

    The Cambodia Centre for Human Rights (CCHR) has urged the Court of Appeal to do more to ensure that an accused’s right to a fair trial is fully respected. In a bulletin released on Monday, the CCHR said it had monitored 273 cases at the

  • Fish, frogs to boost local food supply

    The government has disbursed more than $4.5 million to boost aquaculture production and domestic market supply amid the Covid-19 pandemic. Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Veng Sakhon told The Post on Monday that in boosting agricultural production, the ministry has received financing from development partners

  • Planning ministry hands out cash to 420,000 poor families in Kingdom

    The Ministry of Planning has identified 20,000 more poor families in the country, bringing the total to over 580,000, while over 420,000 of them have received the government’s cash assistance. In the meantime, many social security cards from families not deemed to be poor have been revoked.

  • Nature in focus at inaugural film and photo festival

    The first Cambodian Wildlife Photo and Film Festival – an event celebrating the conservation of nature through the eyes of wildlife photographers, nature enthusiasts and conservation experts – is scheduled for July 18-26 at Fauna in Focus’ Nature Discovery Centre in Siem Reap. The festival will be