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Answer Jan 29, 2009

Answer Jan 29, 2009

Answer for Thursday 29 January.

Reading comprehension

1. In the lunar calendar, this year is the Year of the
c) Ox

2. Most fortune tellers say that the coming year will be economically
b) difficult

3. The Chinese often call the Lunar New Year
a) Spring Festival

4. This year, according to astrologers, might be particularly difficult for people born in the Year of the
b) Ox

5. Most Chinese use this festival to make merit with
b) ancestors

Listening Comprehension

1. What is the larger issue in the milk scandal?
C) The reputation of "Made in China" food products is the larger issue.

2. The relatives of the dead and sickened babies
C) believe the government merely held show trials.

3. The melamine was added to the milk
B) to give the appearance of higher protein content.

Grammar perfect

Michael was thinking about VISITING a new country DURING his summer vacation. However, the decision was not HIS alone. His wife, Grace, MUST also be consulted on THE decision. Michael always likes TO TAKE trips in nature. Therefore, he was planning a trip ALONG the Mekong River. Grace, ON the other hand, very much likes shopping. She WOULD prefer a trip to Hong Kong and its thousands of shops.

How COULD this conflict in taste BE resolved? A Mekong river boat trip seemed to be very far away FROM a shopping trip TO Hong Kong. Yet, IF the two could not agree, NEITHER would likely have a pleasant vacation.

Finally, Grace HAD a great idea. Why not combine shopping with nature? How about A trip to Malaysian islands combined WITH a visit to Singapore? Over dinner, Grace brought UP the suggestion to Michael. He immediately agreed WITH her suggestion; their vacation now promised TO BE not only fun BUT harmonious too.