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Business meets lunch at Regency Café

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26 February 2016 | 10:26 ICT

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Adeline, Kate and Monika (f.l.t.r.) love the lunch at the Regency Café for its food and opportunity to network.

Three businesswomen, Monika, Kate, and Adeline, met at Regency Cafe, an all day dining restaurant located at Intercontinental Phnom Penh this past Wednesday for lunch. While the meeting was focused on forging new business contacts amidst inspiring company, they, of course, were there for the amazing food.

Monika, who hails from Australia, is a personal shopper and stylist. “I love to come to Regency Cafe for their business lunch. The atmosphere is nice and I see clients here – it’s a good place for networking,” she said.

Kate, a Portuguese business development manager for a local advertising agency, highlighted the value of networking, especially during business lunches.

“Deals are made at the table and not in the office. The Regency Cafe business lunch is a good place to close deals,” she said.

’A business lunch often leads to successful meetings, here the menu is designed clearly to have my agenda and my goals kept in mind.’ Adeline, working in marketing and communications for an energy company, said.

While the businesswomen spoke about projects and current prospects in their respective fields, seemingly on cue, the waiters brought out the first round of starters.

Adeline and Kate chose the Mix Rocket Leaves Salad with confit tomatoes, roasted walnuts and goat cheese. In no time after the first bite,they agreed that the savoury goat cheese was the star of the dish.

“Goat cheese is usually very strong but this is smooth and soft. The dressing is simply beautiful and colorful” said Adeline. Meanwhile, Kate praised the aromatic flavour of the tomatoes.

The signature salmon is crispy on the outside and flakey inside. Hong Menea

Monika, an ardent lover of Japanese cuisine, went for the Miso Soup. “If you order quality Miso Soup you can tell how well-versed the chef is at cooking Japanese food in general,” she said and added that her order tasted “just right.” And while she appreciated tofu in the soup, seaweed and pickles were served separately so she could savour the individual tastes of the additional ingredients.

‘The salmon is absolutely wonderful' - Monika - Stylist Up next, was the main course.

Kate’s and Monika’s grilled salmon with chipotle cream were served first. Kate took notice of the elegant and aesthetic presentation of the dish. When she tried a dash of the chipotle cream, she said: “It tastes a bit like cheese and a little like bacon, but it certainly is delectably flavourful.”

The salmon itself was “absolutely wonderful with crispy skin and was moist and flakey on the inside,” said Monika.

Adeline, who is fond of European-style pizza, chose the fresh homemade pie for her main dish.

Garnished with exquisite ingredients, it hit the spot.

“This pizza is thin and slightly crispy, but still soft. It allows me to taste all the fresh vegetables (tomato and rocket) on it. It’s well balanced and not oily,” she said.

After finishing their lunch, the ladies said that they felt perfectly content and well fed, and had eaten just the right portions to not to make them fall into a food coma.

Business Lunch at Regency Cafe is available from Monday to Friday 12pm to 3pm. Menus with a choice of four starters and five main courses featuring a vegetarian dish and include a soft drink, tea or coffee are available for $16++ per person and change weekly.

For information and bookings people can call 023 424 888, extension 3562.

Regency Café - No. 296, Mao Tse Toung Blvd (245), InterContinental Phnom Penh, Lobby level, Phnom Penh

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