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EFG looks ahead for another good year, marks Women’s Day with special deals

EFG’s restaurants, such as The Pizza Company and Dairy Queen
EFG’s restaurants, such as The Pizza Company and Dairy Queen, are at the top of the list for young Cambodians looking to get together for a good time. Photo Supplied

EFG looks ahead for another good year, marks Women’s Day with special deals

Cambodia’s Express Food Group recently capped off a year of successes with its annual staff party. Speaking at the event, EFG’s general director said: “2013 has been a good year for EFG, with many achievements. Both the staff’s abilities and the company’s operations have highly increased compared to 2012, including the addition of 12 new branches that opened in 2013.”

Last year also saw a marked rise in competitiveness in the local food industry, but despite this, EFG managed to expand through a focus on maintaining its international standards. “Earlier in the year, The Pizza Company opened new branches, and in November two branches in Battambang were also opened,” according to EFG’s communications officer. “These are symbols of the great success of The Pizza Company and of our ice cream parlour Swensens.”

The communications officer also said that the growth of the company has provided more job opportunities for young Cambodians. In 2013 the total number of staff touched the 1,000 mark, with women comprising 31 per cent of
the workforce.

The company’s achievements are due to the efforts of all its employees in its many different departments, especially the customer service staff who work so hard to respond to the needs of customers. The wellbeing of its staff is one of EFG’s main aims, because it is the company’s goal to be productive and this can only happen if its workforce is content.

A Cambodian pop star enjoys a meal at The Pizza Company
A Cambodian pop star enjoys a meal at The Pizza Company.

Also speaking at the annual party, RMA Cambodia’s communications officer added that “everyone worked hard the whole year. Today is the company party and the staff will enjoy dancing, the chance of winning many prizes and three motorcycles. This is just one way we encourage our staff and make them feel valued and happy. Perhaps the most encouraging exercise we undertake is an annual company appraisal after which the employees who performed very well will get two and a half months’ salary for their annual bonus.”

EFG focuses on the exclusive rights of the service to its restaurants in Cambodia, Laos, and Myanmar. These days in Cambodia, its five big businesses are The Pizza Company, Swensens, BBQ Chicken, Dairy Queen and Costa Coffee.

In 2014, EFG plans to open eight more branches in Phnom Penh. It is an opportunity for the staff to build up their abilities and be promoted to better positions. The company’s expansion is also good news for those who are looking for employment.

“To celebrate International Women’s Day, March 8, 2014, all the branches of Costa Coffee will provide a complimentary drink to the first 50 women who order food to dine in,” according to EFG’s communications officer.

“Also, at Dairy Queen, we will offer a 20 per cent discount for every order of ice cream cake, no matter the flavour,” he added. And, if that wasn’t enough, web users can print out a $5 ice cream cake gift voucher from Swensen’s Facebook page and redeem it at any Swensen’s branch.


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