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Make-up is a girl’s best friend

Make-up is a girl’s best friend


MAKE-UP is not only a multi-billion-dollar global industry, but it can certainly be a girl’s best friend when she wants to look her beautiful best. But choosing what is right for you, what brings out your best features whether eyes, mouth, cheeks, luscious lips or the glow of your skin, can be a process of trial, and perhaps error.

So don’t be afraid to try as many products as you want, different shades and colours, read the magazines, find out about the latest products and trends but try not to get overwhelmed by everything on offer and remember what you have to spend.

So what basic make-up items should you definitely not do without? Napamon Roongwitoo tells you what you should always have close by to keep that beauty in focus.

“A walk down the aisle in the beauty department, for those new to the world of make-up, might be a confusing experience. Hundreds of products, each in various shades and textures, can leave you wondering what to buy or not to buy.

“Beauty assistants at the counter will very likely tell you that you need this and that, not because you do, but because they want to sell. So, what exactly do you want?”

Skin’s best friends.
You should swear by two products: your favourite moisturiser and sunscreen. Without these two, your skin will not look its best without make-up on, and make-up will not look as good on bad skin as good skin. Also, applying moisturiser 15 minutes before make-up will make your make-up glide on smoothly.

Camouflage make-up.
Nobody is perfect, nor is anyone’s skin. That’s where camouflage make-up products come in handy. These products can help you cover those blemishes, scars and other facial discolouration. For daily use, primer is not necessary. All you need for beautiful-looking skin is a good foundation and a good pressed powder.

Concealer might also be unnecessary, as it usually has a higher percentage of pigment than foundation. Foundation with good coverage quality can easily replace a concealer. Look for foundation and powder that match your skin tone. Sun protecting quality is a given, as foundation and powder are supposed to cover your skin, and therefore shield it from the sun’s rays.

In general, they provide an equivalent of SPF 15 as long as they stay on your face.

Shadows and blushes.
Eye shadows and cheek blushes come in many textures, but the easiest to apply would be the powder type. You don’t need all the colours of the rainbow on your make-up table _ stick to ones that look good on you. The most practical texture is satin, as it is not too matte or too shiny.

Invest in a palette containing colours in the same range to mix and match. As for cheek blush, look at the colour of your cheeks when you are blushing and go for that colour, as it is the best and most natural match for your skin. For Asian women, the colour is more orange than pink, due to the yellow undertone.

With the cheek colour, be aware of your natural skin colour and pick the colour that goes with it. Another tip is to avoid bright red lipstick if your teeth are yellow, whether due to genetics or bad habits. Very light colours tend to be unflattering on Asian skin as they will make you look ill.

Matte texture is harder to apply, so amateurs should stick to a shiny texture. The shine will help hide the uneven edges better. You can even do without the lip gloss if you are satisfied with the texture already.

Eye enhancers.
Good mascara and eye liner can make a big difference on your face. Pencil eye liner is a safer choice for those with an untrained hand. Never purchase mascara that is not waterproof and if your eyelashes are really hopelessly thin and short, skip the mascara and head straight to the fake lashes which can be bought anywhere.

So, if you are in the mood to play with make-up, and your budget agrees, please feel free to do so. There is no better way to learn about make-up than to try it yourself. Even the item that you do not need might turn out to be something you really like. Don’t be tempted to buy every new colour because it might not suit you, but do keep an open mind and try new things every once in a while. (Staff and Bangkok Post)


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