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Mao Sinat abandons art for family

Mao Sinat abandons art for family

SHE is 29, a sex siren, well known in Cambodia and overseas and was called a trophy wife when she married a wealthy lawyer who is now 73.
But Mao Sinat has virtually given up her art, her entertainment career, and with a 10-year-old son says she is happy to be a good housewife and mother.

Although she has not quite quit the entertainment career that made her famous, since she married and had a child she has never accepted any intivations to sing or perform if it means she is away from home for more than two hours. Not because of any pressure from her husband, but she feels she now has a family so she has to stay at home and be a good housewife.

Mao Sinat had unpredictable luck after she officially married lawyer Kar Savuth, a well-known defence counsel, early in 2000.

Being the wife of the wealthy lawyer in the large villa areas of Camko City and Toul Sangke, she reportedly has many servants but is not a celebrity car lover or has many bodyguards like some other singers. Besides using a simple black Toyota Camry, an insider said that she sometimes used her husband’s Lexus – without a driver. Artists appreciate her luck and said that Mao Sinat was a good housewife and took very good care of her huband and while he is many years older, they live happily together, unlike several other trophy wives.

“Don’t be confused that because we are pretty and young we care less. Even an older man can find another wife, but when our husband walks out, who can marry us?” said Mao Sinat.

She said that a trophy wife may think that by having an old husband it may be enough for him just to care for her and there is no need to care for him back, but she believes a couple have to love and care for each other. She said that since she married, she decided to live away from the dance floor and take time throughout every day to care for her husband.

Mao Sinat and her husband have only one son, 10, who is studying in grade 5 at a large high fee-paying international school.

Mao Sinat, who is known as a comical singer on stage, said: “My son, Ka Puthe Seiha Mardy, is my valuable diamond because we have only one son and I want to take care of him, even though I have a nanny or servants.”

She said she loves and respects her husband, but is sometimes afraid he will get upset with her because she is not earning money for the household.

But that is far from the case and her husband wanting her to be a singer is because he just wants her to be happy, and the decision to stop was hers.

“ I feel I cannot go out too long. I think of my husband coming home from work and think of my son’s meal time. Therefore, I have no time to go to any concerts because my family happiness is more crucial,” she said.


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