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Spending their money on beauty

Spending their money on beauty

MODELS, singers, show-business people and  “idols” have one thing in common. They spend a great deal of their money on staying beautiful – the men as well as the women.

And throughout Cambodia in the shops, markets and boutiques there are hundreds of products, local, Asian and international to choose from to suit your skin and your looks including everything from make-up to skincare products. And if you can’t get them you can buy them direct from overseas.

So writer Chhim Sreyneang went to find out what two of our well-known stars use to keep looking good and young and healthy.

Despite being 31, Khat Sokhim, who surprised the showbiz by her engagment with 27-year-old junior En Sokpanha aka Phano, still looks good and younger than her age, so we asked her how she takes care of her beauty.

Revealing her secrets, the mother of one told us what products she uses.

“For my face, I have been using Olay for moituriser and anti-aging. I also used Olay facial foam during day time for washing my face to make it fair and give it tone.”

However, to wash away her make-up, Vichy cleaning lotion is her favourite make-up remover.

At night she uses anti-aging facial serum Revelon that she buys from France. On the top of it, she used Olay night cream. For her body skin, she uses Vaseline bought from the US.

The singer, who owns a beauty salon and embellishment arragement service, doesn’t stay with one brand of make-up; she chooses what is compatible with her skin. She also uses Revlon facial powder; for lipstick, Chanel or Shiseido; and for mascara and eye liner, Lancome.

What else that makes this petite woman a beauty? Of course, it’s her stunning curves. When asked abou ther work-out plan, Khat Sokhim said she like to play exercise teaching videos and on top of her diet, she also drinks green tea for weigh loss.

She occasionally goes to Phnom Penh Sport club to burn some calories sweat it out in the steam and sauna room and before going in: “I usually apply Khmer beauty products such ash Ponlei, saffron powder, rough skin citrus, plus baby milk powder. ”

And for the woman who spends about $200 a month on beauty and body care, there is one more important ingredient: “I take a beauty pill every day, the pill named ‘Day for Woman’. I believe it helps my skin and acts for anti-aging”

But it’s not just the girls who spend money looking good. Naturally fair-skinned and handsomely built Alex Chantra, a model and singer who rose to fame in 2006, isn't shy about revealing his beauty tips.

Alex, is naturally a fan of Shiseido, the well-known Japanese cosmetic product, for he attributes his signature white facial skin to the company's products.

“I use Shiseido cream in the morning and at night I clean away my sweat and dirt with Shiseido facial foam.”

He admits: “I usually get Shiseido products in the duty-free shops at the airport. Sometimes I have to fly to Singapore to buy it.  If I cannot fit it into my schedule,  I have a friend buy it for me.”

For his body skin, he prefers Vaseline lotion from Singapore.

Alex, born into a relatively wealthy family, also shows his class when choosing his gym.

The 180-centimetre star says: “When I have free time, I Iike going to the Castle Gym and steam and sauna there. Every month, I go there at least 10 times. Even at the most busy peak, I still squeeze my tight schedule to go there once a week.”

Although he likes to opt for brand cosmestics, Alex  keeps it affordable, spending about $100 a month on beauty care.