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Yamaha microfinance helps customers purchase motorbikes

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Yamaha microfinance helps customers purchase motorbikes

Cambodian people, especially the youth, are interested in new, modern and handsome motorbikes in the market. To help them achieve their goals to become the owner of a Yamaha motorbike, Yamaha Cambodia has established a microfinance arm to provide funds to customers in Cambodia seeking to purchase new motorbikes and to celebrate the inauguration of the Spien Tsubasa bridge with some free gifts.

Mr Seang Tola, the general manager of the business section of Yamaha Motor Cambodia said that to celebrate the opportunities that will flow to the Cambodian people from the generosity of the Japanese who funded the longest bridge across the Greater Mekong, the company will be giving away free gifts to customers who purchase a motorbike. The gifts will comprise two shirts, two helmets, a plate number and individual accident insurance including some maintenance services.

“This promotion is available in all branches of Yamaha Town, and will continue into the end of April after the Khmer New Year,” Tola said. Yamaha Town was first established in 2008, at Bak Touk area, and is a well-known branch for customers.

“Customers who buy motorbikes through Yamaha Microfinance will also enjoy no interest,” he said.

Tola added that to continue as the leader of new models of motorbikes, Yamaha Cambodia has issued two new models for small motorbikes and one for a big bike in 2015. The new models include the Fino, Filano, Mio and TTx, with each model coming in three different colours.

He said that while being the leader in design Yamaha Cambodia also established Yamaha Microfinance for the general customer. “Yamaha Microfinance does not have the same function as other microfinance institutions. We provide installment service for customers of Yamaha vehicles only. Our service is a way to help promote the livelihood of all customers. We provide them with the opportunity to be the owner of new Yamaha motorbikes of all models so that they can buy it according to their budgets,” he said.

The Yamaha motorbike group celebrates a successful ride to Sihanoukville
The Yamaha motorbike group celebrates a successful ride to Sihanoukville. Photo Supplied

Customers can pay by installments every month without deposit, except large motorbikes like the Fz which requires a 10 per cent deposit. The installment method is a way to help customers who only need to pay $25 to $35 per month, or more – it is up to the customer. The installment period lasts between 12 to 36 months.

Tola said he had already seen an increase in sales with the introduction of the new payment system.

“With Yamaha Microfinance and the attraction to new Yamaha models in the Cambodian market, we experienced an increase in sales between 20 and 30 per cent in the first quarter of 2015, compared with the same period of 2014,” he said.

Tola stressed that 2015 is a great time for Yamaha customers.

“I hope that after the inauguration of the Spien Tsubasa bridge, the sale of Yamaha motorbikes will increase further as Cambodian people, mostly and particularly in the eastern part of Cambodia, will gain a lot of economic benefits as well as improved safety and travelling times,” he said.

“Very soon, we’ll see our team of Fz riders cross over the bridge Spien Tsubasa, which will be also be a historic moment for Yamaha Cambodia,” Tola added.

Yamaha Fz to visit Kampot city
After the Khmer New Year, Yamaha Cambodia will organize the Yamaha Motorbike Fz Ride of about150 motorbikes to travel from Phnom Penh to Kampot city. This will be held on the 24-25 April 2015 in order to raise awareness of travelling safely as well as well as demonstrating the strength of the Yamaha motorbike. All expenses - petrol, food and accommodation will be provided by Yamaha Cambodia

For further information, please contact Yamaha Cambodia direct by visiting #35DEF, Czechoslovakia Street (169) Phnom Penh or call 023 885 515. TK/PS


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