How to find the best expat rentals in Phnom Penh

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How to find the best expat rentals in Phnom Penh

Searching for expat rentals in Phnom Penh can often be a stressful and daunting task, especially if you are new to town. There are no shortage of agents who are ready to assist you finding your new apartment in Phnom Penh – from fully registered agencies, right through to “work from home agents.” In fact, you can bet even the good old tuk tuk driver will know a few places for rent if you ask him. But remember, Phnom Penh is a city where you can find the extremes: absolute gems who know their market inside out, right through to “commission cowboys” who only have their own interests in mind.

How do you weed out the good from the bad when searching for quality agents with expat rentals in Phnom Penh? How do you save time and stress when searching for a new rental property?

1. Ask your friends or colleagues if they know a great agent.
Chances are, if they’ve been in Phnom Penh for a number of years, your friends, family and acquaintances would have dealt with several agents before, and can share their experiences with you. Find out who helped them to secure their expat rentals in Phnom Penh, and learn as much as you can from that experience.

2. Use a professional agency.
Professional run agencies such as the “featured agents” listed at the top of’s “Find an Agent” section, are well established, and this list includes some particularly expat orientated agencies. Professional agencies with an expat focus should have a full range of listings on and on their own website, fluent English agents, great market insight and be well-experienced with Cambodian rental agreements. As they offer a free service to potential tenants, professional agencies should be your first call.

3. Does the agent understand your requirements?
It takes time to visit properties and you don’t want to waste half a day viewing properties that are not relevant. There are agents out there who only hear your budget of $500 and don’t care that you want to live in a specific area, or that a large balcony is the most important feature you require. Ask the agent to show you photos of the property first to save time, or better yet, view the property online first – at

4. Check their referrals.
Quality agents have a track record of happy clients and would be proud to show you some positive feedback from their previous clients. If they have a testimonial section on their website or feedback on Facebook, see what previous clients have said about the agent’s service. Don’t forget to consider their after-sales support track record too, as this is often the difference between an average agent and a very good one.

5. Note attention to detail.
Does the agent respond to emails or phone calls in a reasonable amount of time? Does the agent show up to appointments on time? Do they dress smartly? All these signs give you an indication of the type of agent they are, and the standard of service that they are likely to bring to you. If the agent makes the effort to present in a professional manner to you, it’s a safe bet that they’ll provide quality overall service.

Follow these tips and ensure you have a stress free enjoyable experience when choosing your next expat rentals in Phnom Penh. The best place to start your search is:


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