Man About Town: 25 May 2012

Man About Town: 25 May 2012

Following Manabout’s com-ments last week that many service or line staff at Hotel de la Paix are happy with generous terms of reemployment under the new Hyatt management, comes feedbacks that there have been some casualties.

There were a few contractors who were not informed early enough and now cannot find work in the low season.

One source added, “If there is any angst its probably because David our e-commerce manager (acting director of sales), who was with HDLP since pre-opening and turning 60 next year has been told he’s not needed anymore.

David Wilkinson joined Hotel de la Paix as e-commerce manager In 2005. He is originally from the UK and has a background as an information technology pro-fessional.

To give an example of his loyalty to the brand (as they say these days,) in 2009 in The Concierge Questionnaire he was asked, “If Heaven were Siem Reap, what would God say to a visitor when they arrive at the Pearly Gates?”

Wilkinson replied that God would say, “‘You want tuk-tuk?’ Or lately, ‘You want tuk-tuk, sir?...’ But seriously, God would say ‘Righteous, go to Hotel de la Paix, sinners down the road!’ I’m in marketing. What do you expect?”

Long tall Texan expat Kevin Weiser, well known musician and Dr Pool Company dude, had an unpleasant birthday surprise in the early hours of Tuesday.

On a late stroll home after birthday celebrations he was set upon by three Khmer guys and bashed.

When he got home, he posted this note on his Facebook page: “It's 03:30 in the morning here. I have been blessed by greetings from all of my friends around the world and I was also just blessed with the worse ass kicking I've had in years! Some local fellows apparently didn't like the looks of me walking home from the local pub and used flashlights to blind me and kick my skinny ole ass! I absolutely couldn't believe it! It's certainly not the 1st time but it's the 1st time in a long time and it ain't much fun goin' 3 on 1 at 57 years young....luckily I have an emergency supply of chocolate in the fridge! If it hurts now I can't wait for tomorrow! Nothin like an ass kickin' to make you feel alive! Especially on yer birfday...IRONY!”

Deadline for submissions to the eighth Angkor Photo Festival is looming: in fact submissions must be lodged by May 31, which is next Thursday.

Meanwhile, applications for the eighth  Angkor Photo Workshops can now be lodged with the deadline being July 15.

Information is posted on the festival’s  website and Facebook, and  the workshop blog ( has been revamped to provide clearer and easy-to-access information.


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