Open champ visits Singing Tree

Open champ visits Singing Tree


Golfer and Grateful Dead fan Bryan Saltus returns to Siem Reap

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Members of the Independent Disabled Dance Troupe. The troupe

performs regularly at the Singing Tree Cafe.

INAUGURAL Cambodia Open golf tournament winner and inveterate Deadhead Bryan Saltus has solved the mystery of whether he'll turn up in town to defend this year's Open - by actually turning up in town.

A Saltus sighting occurred on Friday night at Siem Reap's Singing Tree Cafe. Saltus, who has notched up attendances at 150 Grateful Dead concerts, attended a concert of a different nature, a performance by the Independent Disabled Dance Troupe.

A wheelchair dance was one of the highlights of the performance, which was held to raise awareness and funds for the victims of landmines, polio, and automobile accidents.  

Through dance and song, the troupe illustrates the difficulties faced by disabled people.  The two-act theatrical performance tells the story of a former military medic who becomes alienated from society after losing his leg to a landmine.  Gradually, the medic is integrated back into society with restored hope.  

Tola Soun, the troupe's director, told the Post he's most gratified that his troupe is working for a living and not begging.

The troupe was formed eight months ago and performs two to three shows monthly, mostly at the Singing Tree Cafe.

After the performance Saltus told the Post that he's a completely self-taught golfer, often derided by his unorthodox swing. He said that golfers are so obsessed with attaining perfect form but, "all you need to do is to get the ball in the hole."