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Temple Watch: Not as good as the movie

Temple Watch: Not as good as the movie

Content image - Phnom Penh Post

Huge numbers of visitors, major restoration work and new wooden walkways have taken away some atmosphere from Ta Prohm temple, made famous by the Angelina Jolie movie Tomb Raider.

Restoration workers funded by the Indian government have been working on the site to make it safer for the hundreds of thousands that visit it.

However, this means that some parts of the site are off limits while work is done.  

 Work is nearly complete on the Western Gopura and terrace which most people see at first.

The raised walkways have been extended through much of the central sanctuary which makes passage easier in the rainy season.

The spectacular tree formation that looks like a giant's leg is formed by a strangler fig growing over a dead tree, and enveloping a doorway that has now been cordoned off.

But the dead host tree has deteriorated and is now a possible safety risk. Visitors can still see the area, but only from a safe distance.