After a prolonged silence with no competition for over four months, the Cambodian national football team is set to resume training in March, in anticipation of participating in the FIFA Series.

The Football Federation of Cambodia (FFC) announced on February 28 that the series would be held from March 18-26. The Cambodian team is scheduled to play against the Guinea team from Africa on March 22, followed by a match with the Guyana team from South America on March 26. 

Series A will take place in Saudi Arabia, offering the Cambodian team a fresh opportunity to showcase their skills.

This comes after their 1-0 defeat to the Pakistan team in the preliminary stage of the FIFA World Cup 2026 qualifiers in Asia, which took place from October 12-17, 2023.

Twenty member countries will participate in the international friendlies as part of the series. 

The FFC emphasised that the tournament presents a unique opportunity for footballers from the countries involved to display their talents, as they usually lack the chance to compete against each other and test their abilities.

The FFC has appealed to FIFA for more international matches to be organised, aiming to further develop international football.