Cambodian billiards players Suon Chhay and Men Sophanith claimed another gold in the snooker men’s doubles, to add to the gold medal won by Sruong Pheavy in the 3-cushion carom event.

Pheavy’s hunt for a second gold was thwarted by Vietnamese player Kien Tuong Phung in the semi-finals, leaving her forced to play off for bronze.

In the men's doubles final on May 12, Chhay and Sophanith beat the highly rated Malaysian team 3-1 to take the gold.

The pair were elated by their victory, which was made even more impressive thanks to their underdog status. This is the first time the Kingdom has competed in the sport.

“Our win meant a lot, because we were forced to play a long series of very tough matches. We knew that all of our opponents were considered superior, and we could not hope to match their level of accuracy. Our best strategy was to block their shots wherever possible,” said Chhay, following the match.

“When they were not being offered shots, they got frustrated. They lost their cool, and their shooting suffered accordingly. This allowed us to take the win. I hope that our victory will promote the game in Cambodia,” he added.

Pheavy won bronze medal in the 1-cushion carom play-off.

Pheavy beat Thailand's Vutthiphan Kongkaket in the top eight qualifiers 50-26 on May 12, but was knocked out by Tuong Phung the following day, and missed her chance to go through to the final.

Tuong Phung’s victory offered a small taste of vengeance, as Cambodia's Pheavy had knocked her out of the semi-finals on her way to gold in the 3-cushion event.

To date, Team Cambodia’s snooker and billiards team have claimed two gold medals and a pair of bronzes.