The Japanese Embassy in Phnom Penh has been conducting the “Meet Students Program” since 2012. The objective of the program is for members of the Embassy team to meet Cambodian secondary and university students in order to introduce them to Japanese culture.

Since 2012, the Embassy’s staff have visited more than fifty secondary schools and universities throughout Cambodia and have also hosted meetings with students at the Embassy building.

Let’s see what goes on during the Program!

During each program, which lasts between 1.5 and 2 hours, students watch a short video about Japan’s fantastic scenery, and are shown a presentation about Japan, which includes information about the history of the Japanese-Cambodian relationship and gives details on Japanese Government Scholarships.

They also get to try out some aspects of Japanese culture, such as seeing and trying on examples of traditional costume, such as the “Yukata” which is worn in the summer, attempting some “Sho-do” calligraphy or learning the art of “Origami” paper folding. They will also take part in a quiz.

Students tried “shodo” in Serei Monkul High School, Kandal Province.

All the students who have joined the Program so far have shown plenty of curiosity about the close relationship between Cambodia and Japan, a country which is so far away from their homeland, and they have enjoyed the fun activities.

Through those experiences, students gain knowledge about Japan, and at the same time, the Program gives the students an opportunity to think about future opportunities and careers as well.

Where will the next Meet Students Programs take place?

The Japanese Embassy welcomes applications for the Program from any school, university or group that has more than 30 students.

Some of the programs will be delivered to groups who have been selected from the application process and others will be held at schools or universities selected by the Embassy, in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport.

CJCC staff helped a student wearing “Yukata” in Banoy High School, Takeo Province. Hiroshi Ake

Some programs have also been delivered with participation from the Embassy’s partner organizations, such as Japan Alumni of Cambodia (JAC).

This usually happens when an organization, for example JAC, invites members who have already been to study or work in Japan to visit the school or university they graduated from, along with the Embassy team, to share their experiences of life and study in Japan with the younger students.

The Japanese Embassy would like to meet even more of Cambodia’s brilliant students, either where they study or at the Embassy, aiming at further strengthening a long-lasting friendship.

The Embassy urges schools and universities to apply for this wonderful experience for the benefit of their students and the relationship between Cambodia and Japan.


For submitting application, send email to: “[email protected]

Japanese Ambassador gave a lecture to Pannasastra University students. Hiroshi Ake

Students tried “origami” in Samdech Ov High School, Takeo Province. Hiroshi Ake

In Ballang High School in Kampong Thom, students performed traditional dance. Hiroshi Ake