The Phnom Penh Post has been an independent and in-depth media outlet in Cambodia for 30 years, and remains committed to the core principles of journalism to bring quality reporting to both Cambodian and foreign readers.

The newspaper’s unbiased reportage has seen it hailed as a strong promoter of national development over the past three decades.

On its 30th anniversary, senior government officials, analysts and journalism professors air their views on The Post from its inception to the present day.

Ministry of Justice secretary of state and spokesman Chin Malin: “The Phnom Penh Post is a professionally-run newspaper that has played an important role in disseminating to the public information and knowledge that is in the interest of society.

“The Post, which is published in the Khmer and English languages, is a newspaper with good cooperation with all stakeholders. This means The Post can work with all stakeholders in transmitting factual, professional information, as well as sharing knowledge that is beneficial to the people and society.

“I encourage The Phnom Penh Post to continue to disseminate such information professionally, sharing knowledge in the interest of our society and our people,” Malin said.

Cambodian Institute for Democracy (CID) president Pa Chanroeun: “Importantly, The Phnom Penh Post is available in both Khmer and English. It is one of the oldest media outlets in the country, having been established before the second birth of the Kingdom of Cambodia after the Paris Peace Accords and the elections organised by the UN Transitional Authority in Cambodia [UNTAC] in 1993.

“The Post has played an important role in the democratic process, particularly in providing accurate information that is accessible, because in a democratic society, access to information is very important. Accurate information is valuable, with The Post and its journalists covering the stories from sources that are trusted and valid.

“I believe The Post – by providing the people and media leaders with accurate information – continues to play an important role in helping the democratic process in Cambodia improve, making a significant contribution to national development.

“I like The Post because it is available in both Khmer and English. The newspaper remains neutral, independent and covers a mix of news stories, both from the ruling and opposition parties, civil society organisations and the private sector.

“Staying true to this position and high professional ethics is the real positive point of this newspaper. I hope that The Post will remain neutral, independent and stand on the principles of professional journalistic ethics even more as it brings information to the people.”

Chhay Sophal, professor of journalism and author: “The Phnom Penh Post is a newspaper with a long history behind it. Printed in two languages, it continues to be published today, whereas a lot of other local newspapers are no longer published. So The Post still strives to publish the news, including online.

“I read The Post and have used its articles for references. I urge The Post to continue and encourage our journalists to keep up their efforts working on the mission of freedom of the press in Cambodia.”

Government spokesman Phay Siphan: “The provision of accurate news in the English language has made a major contribution. The Phnom Penh Post has drawn a lot of attention, with people around the world having taken [sources] from it to use.

“As the [Government Spokesperson Unit], we thank The Post for its professional efforts. I read it every day, and the reporting is accessible and professional.

“We wish The Post well in moving forward with its work. We know that print media is facing reduced advertising budgets, but The Post has worked hard to remain professional and serve the interests of the media sector.”

Royal Academy of Cambodia economics researcher Ky Sereyvath: I like reading, listening to and following the news. Gathering accurate information on the realities in the country is important in grasping situations, making decisions and formulating strategies.

“The Phnom Penh Post writes a lot of factual stories and spreads the ideas of researchers to inform people. It chooses those who give impartial interviews. The sources tend to be independent in their analysis and views rather than those who are either pro-government or anti-government.”

Meas Sophorn, undersecretary of state and spokesman for the Ministry of Information: “Let me congratulate The Phnom Penh Post on the 30th anniversary of its establishment, and wish it further growth and even more success.

“The media in the Kingdom plays an important and active role in disseminating information to the people both at home and abroad.

That they can receive information quickly, anytime and anywhere contributes to the development of society in all sectors.

“The Post is a media outlet that has made an active contribution to the professional and factual dissemination information to Cambodians from across different strata of society.

“Long established with decades of experience behind it in promoting the profession in the Kingdom, The Post has also made a huge contribution to the training of journalists and the media profession in Cambodia.”