The post-pandemic economic recovery has seen recent growing interest among investors in Cambodia.

Backed by strong regional economic partnerships and bilateral free trade agreements, foreign direct investment in Cambodia has seen rapid growth, particularly among Chinese investors.

Prince Bank is not only focused on local but also foreign businesses.

Prince Bank understands the challenges faced when doing business in a foreign country, with considerable research required into local market potential, local laws and regulations, business operations and social practices, among others.

Prince Bank can assist both local and international investors and entrepreneurs through its wide range of business banking products and services, such as business accounts, overdrafts or business loans.

Prince Bank’s international desks provide bespoke services. SUPPLIED

These services aim to optimise customers business operations, and may even be useful for future growth.

Additionally, businesses get two dedicated mobile banking apps that cater to their needs.

The PRINCE MobileBiz App and the PRINCE Merchant App have been specially designed for businesses and SMEs for the remote tracking and effective management of daily business transactions.

What’s more, at the beginning of this year, Prince Bank integrated its PRINCE Pay with the KHQR system launched by the National Bank of Cambodia (NBC) to enable cross-bank digital payments for all Prince Bank merchants.

With the new PRINCE KHQR, all Prince Bank merchants can receive digital payments from all banks, enabling fast, convenient and secure payment solutions.

And specifically for new investors, Prince Bank has set up three international desks for China, Indonesia and Japan, providing additional bespoke services to investors and entrepreneurs.

The China Desk is located in the Priority Banking Lounge of the Boeung Proluet Branch on Monivong Boulevard, while the Indonesia Desk can be found in the Mao TseToung Branch’s Priority Banking Lounge.

The Japan Desk is located in the Priority Banking Lounge of the Tuol Kork Branch.

All international desks provide advisory services to the Chinese, Indonesian and Japanese business communities, with local knowledge and assistance regarding banking services, and general business advice.

Prince Bank has also recently launched a range of special campaigns for its business customers, offering special rates and favourable conditions on business loans and trade finance loans.

Prince Bank merchants can also get up to $50 per month by receiving payments through PRINCE KHQR.

Interested business owners and entrepreneurs can contact Prince Bank on 1800 20 8888 (toll free) for business products and services.