A new hair raising attraction on Kulen Mountain has finally opened to the public, with people flocking to the protruding cliff edge overlooking green mountainous forests to take photographs.

The giant overhanging rock is situated in an area known as Mahendraparvata – an ancient city of the Khmer Empire era in Cambodia only uncovered in 2012 – with views extending over the beautiful and luscious Phnom Kulen National Park. Its moon-like cratered surface only adds to the otherworldly feel.

Van Vorng, 35, a security guard stationed near the attraction, warns families with children and those suffering from acrophobia (a fear of heights) to be cautious.

“We are worried about people’s safety because the cliff is quite high. People could easily become too bold and fall off, especially when taking photographs carelessly,” he said.

Vorng, a resident of a village on Kulen Mountain, said a popular activity among tourists and locals is a night time picnic and camping under the stars.

“If tourists are worried about their safety at night, they can ask for us to stand guard. Everyone who comes here must clean up after themselves to protect the environment,” he said.

Kulen Mountain is an isolated chain of small mountain plateau’s lying south of the Dangrek Mountains.Pha Lina

Kulen Mountain is formed of sandstone and is an isolated chain of small mountain plateau’s lying south of the Dangrek Mountains, 48km north of Siem Reap town in Siem Reap province.

The range stretches for approximately 40km and its highest point is 487m.

This site was added to Cambodia’s national Tentative List for World Heritage on September 1, 1992, is being considered for World Heritage criteria. The effort continued in 2016 when over 300 families were removed from already crowded areas and existing facilities for tourists were upgraded.