The Battambang Provincial Administration is working to transform the Phnom Sampov historical site into a top tourist destination. This revamp aims to draw both domestic and international tourists to the area, which neighbours the stunning Tonle Sap Lake.

Chuob Ratana, director of the Department of Tourism Development Planning at the Ministry of Tourism, recently spearheaded an inspection team. They assessed the ongoing Tourism Update Plan 2021-25’s progress and took a closer look at the historical site’s development plans.

The tourism ministry noted the significance of Phnom Sampov within their current 2021-2025 development strategy. They’ve crafted a meticulous plan to spotlight the site’s historical richness and value.

To make Phnom Sampov a standout historical resort, the project will require collective efforts – in spirit, manpower and financial resources.

Provincial deputy governor Soeum Bunrith shed light on the selection of Phnom Sampov for this initiative.

He mentioned the site’s unique appeal, which includes millions of bats that emerge from the cave, capturing the fascination of both national and international visitors.

Additionally, Phnom Sampov’s rich archaeological heritage, tracing back generations, establishes it as a foundational piece of Cambodian history.

“In the past, the Phnom Sampov site didn’t get adequate attention from local authorities in terms of order, hygiene and the general environment. That’s changing,” said Bunrith.

“We’re working to elevate every aspect of the visitor experience. It’s a shame that such a rich site remains underappreciated. We want to change that narrative.”

Bunrith further emphasised the multi-faceted appeal of Phnom Sampov. Beyond its historical significance, it’s a vantage point. From the mountain’s peak, visitors can drink in the breathtaking vistas of expansive rice fields below.