Chak Angre natural protected community is constructing a 379 metre-long wooden ladder to climb up the side of Phnom Tbeng mountain in Preah Vihear province, funded by a UNDP small grant.

According to the USAID Greening Prey Lang project, the wooden ladders will replace the current ladders which have deteriorated to the point that it is difficult for tourists to ascend them along with posing potential safety issues. The design of the ladders will be based on the existing ladders at Phnom Chumrok Sat in Stung Treng province.

The idea of reparing the ladders came about after community members had a tour visit Phnom Chumrok Sat recently and it was suggested that some renovations be done.

Once built, the ladder will connect the Chak Angre community to two other communities in the Phnom Tbeng protected area and it will create a hiking path for tourists who wish to go up the mountain, providing an added attraction to the area.

USAID Greening Prey Lang said that when the number of visitors to the area increases, it will also have the added bonus of helping to prevent forest crimes because such activities are discouraged when there are more people in the area to witness them, while local communities and the authorities will also be motivated to prevent forest crimes because the eco-tourism in the area will bring added revenue and prosperity.

The UNDP also supports the two connected communities with infrastructure for eco-tourism and it supplements the technical assistance and community development project under the Greening Prey Lang project.

Phnom Tbeng natural protected area was established by a sub-decree in 2016 and it covers more than 25,269 hectares of forests.