If you want to visit an untouched natural place, even it requires trekking for hours, you may want to try Stung Ta Sok waterfall, located between Koh Kong and Pursat provinces.

Wearing cowboy jeans with a two layered shirt and a pair of old sneakers, one hand holding a long knife, the other carrying a pack, local guide Korng Noy is ready to bring tourists to experience trekking to Stung Ta Sok waterfall, which lies between Phnom Samkoh Wildlife Sanctuary and the Cardamom Mountains.

The waterfall is where tourists spend their time relaxing, picnicking and swimming in very cold water to refill their energy after trekking for two hours – but every step is a joyful walk for those who enjoy nature.

“In Osoam eco-tourism community [where the waterfall is], there are many attractions for visitors. In the waterfall area we have places to visit, such as Chhay Broy waterfall and the crocodile pond, huge trees,” says 27-year-old Noy, who has two years experience as a guide in the community.

Parking at Seng Meng Kry’s home, where travellers stop for refreshments about 30km from Osoam Community Centre, tourists start by heading on foot to the 50m high Chhay Broy waterfall about 10 minutes walk on the creek bed into the jungle.

Noy (not pictured) shows tourists how to pour water straight from a wild water vine into their mouths. Pha Lina

It is mostly expats trekking on the old trail that Noy always takes his clients as they want to experience hiking on the Cardamom Mountains. Tourists must not forget a local guide if they don’t want to lose their way.

“Some expats ask for more trail trekking as they want to spend whole day in jungle,” Noy says after a few minutes of walking, adding that many of the jungles trees are centuries old.

If tourists are thirsty when trekking, Noy is prepared as he pours refreshments straight from a wild water vine into their mouths.

A cool wind blows when you reach Stung Ta Sok, which is 10m in height and flows into a huge pool below of clear water, which exhausted swimmers bathe in before having lunch.

Trekking between Chhay Broy waterfall and Stung Ta Sok waterfall takes one and a half hour to two hours. The trek begins near Veal Veng district’s Chhay Louk village in Pursat province.