In winter, Yen stream in the Huong (Perfume) Pagoda tourist site in Hanoi’s My Duc district becomes a charming destination for tourists with thousands of water lilies in full bloom.

Yen (Canary) stream is located about 60km from the centre of Hanoi, also known as Yen Vi (Canary Tail), because of its shape like the tail of a canary.

This stream is still the only waterway to visit the Perfume Pagoda.

Yen stream blooms in water lily season. VIET NAM NEWS

In spring, Yen Vi is crowded with boats carrying tourists to the Huong Pagoda Festival but in the winter, the atmosphere here is extremely quiet. Visitors can clearly hear the gentle sounds of boats paddling in the water.

December is considered the most ideal time for tourists to enjoy the poetic Yen stream. When coming here, visitors can sit on a boat, enjoy the wonderful space and scenery, and breathe the clear atmosphere of the mountains and forests.

Looking down from above, thousands of water lilies bloom on the stream, making this place look like a graceful silk scarf.

Admire the beauty of the water lily season by boat. VIET NAM NEWS

Like lotus flowers, water lilies bloom best in the morning, so if you want to go to Yen stream to see flowers, you have to get up early.

The best time to visit is between 7am and 9am. That is when the water lilies are in full bloom and the sun is not yet strong, so you can fully enjoy the poetic scenery here.

In the midst of the chaos of life, watching the water lilies bloom, enjoying the wonderful space and scenery, will definitely be an unforgettable experience for any visitor.