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With fintech revolution and safe hands of qualified accountants, future’s bright

28 March 2024 | 08:30

Cambodia’s finance sector – once heavily reliant on cash transactions and dominated by a few big players – is in the midst of an exciting transformation

CamEd ensures Kingdom’s finance sector thrives with Master’s in Accounting & Finance + ACCA programme 

28 March 2024 | 08:20

Having fully trained accountants is crucial for Cambodia’s finance and business sectors,

Cambodia’s digital leap: A cashless future fuelled by strengthened riel

28 March 2024 | 08:10

Cambodia is witnessing a remarkable metamorphosis – gone are the days of cumbersome cash transactions. 

Wing Bank: A powerful catalyst for Cambodia’s banking transformation

28 March 2024 | 08:00

Wing Bank (Cambodia) Plc – the bank for every Cambodian – has emerged as a transformative force in the Cambodian banking sector, with traditional banking

Mastering short-term investment strategies in the securities market

24 March 2024 | 21:50

Short-term trading refers to trading assets that can be converted into money or sold within a short period of time, typically from just two or three minutes to two or three weeks.